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How Passive GSM Intercept Works? Find It Out Here

The passive GSM intercept method is a process that is performed by the passive GSM interceptor machine to be able to get the data that you want to extract from the device. Through this method, the interceptor can extract various important information from cell phones such as telephone numbers, IMSI numbers and IMEI numbers.

What is Passive Interception?

There are two types of interceptor that can be done by a GSM interceptor machine, namely passive and active interceptor.

Passive interceptor is a type of interceptor that passively intercepts a GSM connection and with its system collects various data that can be analyzed from cell phones connected to the device.

This process is known as passive GSM Intercept. When the interceptor tool performs the passive GSM intercept, it means that it is working to collect the required data from a GSM connection only.

Passive GSM Intercept
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As for the interception act itself, it means that the interceptor not only captures but also sends direct feedback on the data that has been collected.

This active interception method is usually carried out by a catcher or broadcaster machine which not only captures data from cell phones, but also directly sends SMS to numbers that have been previously recorded.

How GSM Can be Intercepted?

GSM can be intercepted with a special tool such as a GSM interceptor or cell phone number catcher. These tools have been specifically designed and programmed to be able to intercept GSM networks, either actively or passively GSM intercepts.

These interceptor devices work by acting as an intermediary between the GSM transmitter connection and the cell phones connected to the connection.

Active and passive GSM intercept tools will absorb the GSM connection emitted by the transmitter, then broadcast it again, then automatically cell phones will be directly connected to the interceptor tool.

If the cell phone is already connected to this tool and is actively using the connection, then the interceptor tool can extract various data from this connected cell phone.

Even the interceptor machine can know the contents of text messages and phone calls that you make when you use this connection.

What is GSM Interception?

GSM interception is a term used to refer to a condition where an external party smuggles in a GSM connection network.

GSM connection is a 2-way connection that exists between smartphones or other technological devices that require a connection with a GSM transmitter. You can think of this connection as a thread between the two.

If there is a device that enters between these two parties and acts out as a transmitter receiver and transmitter, then this device is called a GSM interceptor device. When the GSM interceptor device has worked or launched its "attack", then this process is referred to as GSM interception.

How to Prevent GSM Interception?

Passive GSM intercept can be a means for irresponsible people to launch cyber attacks by taking your data and using it for personal gain. Therefore, the GSM interceptor tool is a tool that is quite dangerous if used incorrectly.

To protect yourself from this interception attack, you can get various defenders or blockers for your cell phone to avoid this attack. You can find this blocker tool on the internet with various specifications and also different benefits.

Passive GSM Intercept
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You can also get blockers for free or paid. Blockers that must be purchased in advance usually have better performance and are also guaranteed to be safe, so it is better for you to use this type of blocker.

The price offered is also usually not so expensive, according to the benefits offered. But now there are also more and more free blockers whose performance is guaranteed to protect your cell phone from interceptor attacks.

Passive GSM Intercept

Passive GSM interceptor can bring various benefits for you. This tool was often used by the police to reveal criminal data and also track their location. But now you can get an interceptor tool very easily in the general public.

One of the best places to get this tool is an online marketplace in the form of a trusted website or application that provides a complete range of GSM interceptor tools. You can find various types of interceptor tools with different prices and types, according to your needs.

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