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What You Should Know About Phone Number Catcher

In this era of highly developed technology, there are already many very sophisticated technologies and even the sophistication can be very stunning. One of these technologies is a phone number catcher that can detect the phone number of a nearby smartphone.

What is a Phone Number Catcher?

Basically, the phone number catcher is a tool that belongs to one type of IMSI catcher. The difference is, this tool is included in the passive IMSI type, not the usual IMSI which can intercept phone calls and also text messages on the surrounding smartphone.

As the name implies, a phone number catcher is a tool used to capture or collect phone number data. This tool can only collect phone number data from smartphones or cellphones that are around the device so that this tool can be connected to the smartphone or cellphone.

Usually, this type of catcher tool is used for the purposes of SMS marketing, which collects data on surrounding telephone numbers and sends promotional SMS.