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What You Should Know About Phone Number Catcher

In this era of highly developed technology, there are already many very sophisticated technologies and even the sophistication can be very stunning. One of these technologies is a phone number catcher that can detect the phone number of a nearby smartphone.

What is a Phone Number Catcher?

Basically, the phone number catcher is a tool that belongs to one type of IMSI catcher. The difference is, this tool is included in the passive IMSI type, not the usual IMSI which can intercept phone calls and also text messages on the surrounding smartphone.

As the name implies, a phone number catcher is a tool used to capture or collect phone number data. This tool can only collect phone number data from smartphones or cellphones that are around the device so that this tool can be connected to the smartphone or cellphone.

Usually, this type of catcher tool is used for the purposes of SMS marketing, which collects data on surrounding telephone numbers and sends promotional SMS.

Phone Number Catcher
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What does an IMSI catcher do and How IMSI Works?

There are two most famous types of catcher IMSI, namely passive IMSI catcher, and also traditional catcher IMSI. The type most often used and the most popular in the community is passive IMSI.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the traditional IMSI catcher is a very powerful tool and can capture more detailed data contained in the smartphone as well as the phone number connected to the device.

As mentioned earlier, this type of IMSI catcher can retrieve various specific data and can even intercept phone calls.

Passive IMSI actually only captures data in the form of phone numbers, IMEI numbers, IMSIs, and also basic data about smartphones that are in close distance with the device.

IMSI catcher works by mimicking a connection center which is usually a connection tower. This tool can mimic 2g, 3g, 4g, and maybe 5g networks in the future.

When the catcher tool is turned on, the smartphone that is around the tool will detect this catcher tool as a connection source that will be automatically connected.

When a smartphone has been connected to a catcher, then there is still no way that the owner of the smartphone can find out or prevent the connection from being connected. Therefore, this tool is a tool that is quite dangerous if used for bad purposes.

What is IMSI Catching Attack?

IMSI catching attack is basically a term that is used when the IMSI catcher work and launches its action to absorb the desired data from the smartphone connected to the catcher device. When a smartphone is connected to a catcher, the device can perform its catching attack.

The phone number catcher also works that way. If a smartphone that is in the vicinity of the device is already connected and connected, the catcher will capture information about the phone number details and also the IMEI number of the smartphone to be used for the benefit of the catcher owner.

Phone Number Catcher
Pict from Unsplash

Are IMSI Catchers Legal UK?

The traditional IMSI catcher, which can intercept other people's phone calls and text messages, is an illegal type of IMSI and cannot be used by ordinary people carelessly.

This tool can only be used by important state security officers to carry out their duties. Usually this tool is used to catch important criminal syndicates or also protect state officials who are on their way

However, this has only been officially recognized by the US police, while the UK police have yet to provide a statement regarding the use of the IMSI catcher in their mission. To be sure, the traditional type of IMSI catcher is illegal.

As for the passive type catcher, this tool is a legal tool to use and has even been widely used by the public for commercial and advertising purposes. Not only in the UK, but there are many countries in the world that allow the use of passive IMSI catchers such as phone number catchers by their people.

The IMSI catcher is a very powerful tool and should be used to its full potential. Be wise in using this tool, even though the tool used is passive IMSI like a phone number catcher. Misuse of this tool is regulated in the regulations and can result in a person who does this being punished.

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