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Types of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Updated: Jun 6

Search engine optimization is one of the most frequently used marketing techniques and has experienced an increase in popularity over the past few years. In its use, it turns out that there are lots of search engine optimization techniques that may not be known by many people.

Search engine optimization is a branch of digital marketing. Check out various other beneficial information about this type of marketing in the article below.

What Are The Three Types of Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

search engine optimization techniques

You must have used search engines like Google or Bing to search for various information that you want to know in everyday life. Notice when you enter the keyword you want to search for, a list of websites or results will appear. The earlier the search results sequence or the website, the more likely you will choose that search result.

This is the principle used in Search Engine Optimization. Through various standardizations that have been determined by each search engine, the search results will be sorted in the order of the search results, starting from the most relevant to the least relevant to the results you are looking for.

To make your content appear in the first order in search engines, then you must follow existing SEO standards. Although it sounds very easy, the SEO standard is actually very complex.

Not only do you have to know SEO standards, you also have to know that there are three types of Search Engine Optimization Techniques that most often appear in the creation of SEO content. The following are the three types:

  • On page SEO techniques (Related to the content, keywords, title, etc)

  • Off page SEO techniques (Related to the backlinks)

  • Technical SEO techniques (Related with your website domain)

You should pay attention to these three techniques when you create SEO content so that the results are optimal and you can appear in the top search results. These three techniques also function as components that will determine the results of the SEO ranking of the content you post on your website.

What Are The 4 Types of SEO?

Not only dividing them into 3 types, actually Search Engine Optimization techniques also often get one additional technique, so that the 4 technical components used in creating SEO content are now the basic basis and framework when someone wants to optimize the SEO performance of their content.

If earlier in the previous discussion, it was mentioned on page SEO techniques, off page SEO techniques, and also technical techniques. Then next is Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

This last technique is the last technique added to the list of types of SEO techniques that you should know. In this local SEO technique, it means that the search engine will assess whether the content you create is relevant to the demand from the local community around you.

So, if you want to use this technique, then you can build a website profile in your local community, build a local landing page, and various other efforts to increase your relevance to the local community base of your website.

What Is SEO and SEM Techniques?

This question often arises when we discuss about Search Engine Optimization in general. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, as these two marketing techniques are closely related to search engine marketing and have similarities with each other.

However, these two marketing programs have a different focus when viewed more closely. The main difference between these two types of marketing lies in the way they are used.

Even though they both use search engines as their basis, SEO marketing is more focused on making your content appear in the top search results, while SEM is not.

SEM is usually also referred to as pay per click, where in the SEM the product you offer appears in the form of pop up ads or appears in a special column of ads on a website.

Basically, SEM is similar to a conventional advertisement in general, which displays your products everywhere, except that this is done on search engines.

That's all the general information about Search Engine Optimization Techniques and also a brief discussion about Search Engine Marketing. Search engines are tools used by almost all people in the world every day, so this marketing might be useful to help develop your business.

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