Six Reasons Why Your Business Should Turn to SMS Marketing

The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become one of the most effective ways for businesses, large and small, to connect with their potential customers. Due to the rapid rise of smartphone usage in recent years, more and more businesses are turning to SMS marketing services as a preferred way to move their products and services to the end-users. Digital marketers are also applauding these services to instantly reach customers and give a boost to engagement and ROI.

What SMS Marketing is All About?

Have you ever been in a shopping mall or casino and received SMS ads, saying buy one get one free or like that? They use text messaging technology through an advanced SMS Broadcaster to send you those promotional messages. If you’re running a business and need a simple and creative way to increase your sales, you better turn to SMS marketing. It will help you send short, compelling, and customized messaging to your clients, easily and instantly, promoting sales and promotions, and the customers feel engaged.

Why Should You Adopt SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing strategy is easy, cheap, and highly valuable. Companies who left out SMS marketing often miss out on huge opportunities the SMS campaign has to offer. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of SMS marketing:

1- Higher, Sensational Open Rate and Conversion Rate

Statistically, SMS marketing has up to 98% open rate which is quite high when compared to other advertising options like email marketing. With this higher open rate means the customers will almost always open the text messages, read the contents, and there is a greater chance of conversions. The rate of conversion will increase sharply if you have a relatively short and crisp text.

2- Fast and Reliable Deliverability

When it comes to text messaging, there is virtually no wait time. The moment you send the message, it’ll be delivered in a fraction of minutes, like 10-15 seconds. Also, when you use a top-notch SMS machine, deliverability is 100%, unlike emails where you spend hours crafting a perfect email and it goes straight to the spam folder.

3- Greater Reach

SMS provides your business a greater reach. Generally, there are more people who own a mobile phone than there are the ones who have web connectivity. Keeping this mind, SMS marketing will help you reach out to those people as well who are normally not connected to the internet. Otherwise, you may not be able to interact with them.

4- A Strengthened Relationship with Customers

Sending a text message is a personal way of communication that not only allows you to reach your customers more but also enables them to engage with you. Most people carry their phones pretty much all the time and when they receive your message on a regular basis, it helps develop a closer relationship. Your customers will have a feel about the easy accessibility of your business when you have a direct conversation with them.


SMS marketing is a low-cost marketing tool when compared with other marketing options, like purchasing a Facebook ad spot. Businesses of all sizes and shapes can reap its benefits without breaking the bank, even when they need to blast SMS to a large number of people. If you do not have a heavy budget and want to send promotional content to boost sales, opt for SMS marketing.

6-Enhanced Brand Loyalty

SMS marketing if done right can help learn about your users and maximize your brand loyalty. You can run short SMS-based surveys to get more customer insights as people tend to respond to an SMS more than that of opening an email to respond to your invitations.

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