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Utilizing SMS Broadcast, a Helpful Technology for Telemarketing

Sometimes, there might be a need to send public messages to many people at once. It is impractical to send the message one by one. Thus, people would utilize SMS Broadcast to do the task. Some people are still grappling about how to utilize this helpful technology.

Understanding the Broadcast Text

What is a broadcast text message? Some people might not totally understand this term yet. It is a technology that enables a sender to distribute a text towards several contact numbers at the same time. They only need a single click and the recipients will receive the message.

There are several reasons why people would use this technology, including:

  • Efficiency, as it saves labor and time.

  • Sending SMS Broadcast tends to be more affordable.

  • A survey showed that people are likelier and quicker to open text messages than other forms of messages on their devices.

  • This mode accesses people who might not have a stable internet connection, as in Indonesia, several areas lack a stable connection.

Knowing How to Send Broadcast Text

How do I send a broadcast message via SMS? The exact steps would vary depending on the tool that the user is using. However, generally, the broadcast text technology would operate in the following steps:

  • Login to the broadcast service account.

  • Add the recipients’ contacts to the phone.

  • Create the text message.

  • Choose to whom the message would be sent to.

  • Send the message to the chosen recipients.

The SMS Broadcast system is very convenient to get information across in a quick manner. Marketing people employ this technology in order to market their products or services. It reaches a broader audience, loyals customers and even the new ones.

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How to Look for the Broadcast Text Service

Currently, it is easy to find services that offer this particular technology. What is the best SMS service? The answer is different for each person. Here are some things to look at when making comparisons between service providers:

1. Multiple Devices Support

At times, sending messages is easier to do on a laptop or computer, simply because you have a bigger work space. The broadcast text service you are choosing better has the ability to support multiple devices. That would make working more practical.

2. Text Capacity

Another thing that people tend to overlook when choosing the broadcast service is text capacity. Some services may not allow a person to send a text with more than 150 characters. The bigger the capacity is the better. It would enable the person to include more information for recipients.

3. Speed

In SMS Broadcast, speed is definitely important. It would be ineffective if recipients will get the text after certain hours. One of the reasons is, it would be difficult to see the effectiveness of this marketing method. Ideally, recipients should receive the text within a few seconds.

What is responsible for this speed is the API. The term refers to application program interface. If the interface is great, users will have a quicker message delivery period. This interface also enables users to send messages without interference.

4. Pricing

This aspect is really important especially if you are using the technology for business. Some people would invest in sophisticated tools that would make text broadcasting simpler. However, there are some free programs as well.

5. Accommodating Various Providers

The program should be able to accommodate various providers as well. It would be difficult if, for example, only Telkomsel customers could send and receive the broadcasts. People with different providers are then not included in the telemarketing process.

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Designing a Good Text for SMS Broadcast

You can already answer: How can I send bulk SMS from my smartphone? However, knowing how to use it does not equal being able to send an effective text message. Here are some nice tips to design and send an effective text message:

  • Making sure that the text message is short and simple.

  • Using a professional tone in the text message.

  • Being interactive (e.g.: asking simple questions) if the interface enables two-way interaction.

  • Sending the text within the standard business hours.

Seeing that the technology is very helpful and affordable, it would be a waste not to utilize it. The functions of SMS Broadcast tools are so diverse. In addition to saving time and labor, it would be able to grow the business by reaching more people.

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