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Best 3 Benefits of SMS Advertising For Company Value In Communication Activity

Companies today view advertising as an investment and tend to give more value in communication activities with consumers, providing a larger budget for the advertising department than ever before. Based on this communication activity in a company, we need to consider more about SMS Advertising.

Companies should be able to communicate with customers and potential customers. What the company communicates should be prepared carefully in order to be successful, not based on risk considerations.

Recognizing the importance of communication in running a business, communication is considered as the key to the success of a company.

How to Advertise Products in An Effective Way?

Technological advances and changes in consumer behavior cause various variations of new media to advertise products to consumers. If previously the company was more focused on traditional marketing, the changes that occurred required the company to be more focused on traditional marketing time-oriented.

One of the new ways to advertise products in an effective way is using SMS Advertising via mobile phones. SMS Advertising is a type of spread promotional campaigns to clients wherever they are with a satellite system.

SMS will be sent to targets who are in certain locations with predetermined criteria. This type of service can be used for SMS Promo, SMS Discount, and SMS Announcement. Those services can increase the marketing value in the company.

The advertising of text messages is the promotion of a new product or new service of a company. With this SMS advertising facility, the interaction between the company and consumers increases easily and quickly.

In addition, consumers will get the information they want and the company will have the opportunity to build relationships with consumers through new and more efficient ways.

This way of communication is a part of the marketing plan and it should be considered with the team of the company in order to add the value of company communication.

SMS advertising
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The Benefits of SMS Advertising

SMS Advertising is generally one-way, nor is the type of message that can be forwarded, so that the recipient of the message can be detected and the number of recipients controlled.

Thus, this type of SMS is very suitable if used to inform consumers about ongoing promotions and conduct brand awareness campaigns within a company.

The other advantages of using SMS Advertising include reaching all mobile devices. Whether it's with the latest operating system or non-smartphone devices. That way, the scope of promotion will be wider. SMS sent to your customers has a fairly personal nature.

Where the SMS sent will be received and read by themselves so that it will have a direct effect on the user. Advertising in conventional ways such as on television and print media does have a greater influence. But the cost is definitely higher.

The solution that can be used is by using bulk SMS, with a relatively low cost. Bulk SMS is one of today’s forms of marketing by sending large amounts of messages at high speed. This marketing way will make communication more effective and efficient.

How is The Effectiveness of Advertising Using a Marketing Strategy Via SMS?

SMS Advertising effectiveness is determined by the extent to which consumers react to advertisements sent to them. To accurately predict consumer behavior, corporate marketing must measure consumer desires such as components action, target, and timing of behavior.

This statement shows that the intention is very affected behavior when receiving SMS advertising and after receiving SMS advertising. When consumers show a reaction of refusing and feel very annoyed with the existence of SMS about the advertising that they receive continuously, then the advertising is not effective.

SMS advertising
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When consumers react positively by feeling interested while reading the advertising that appears on SMS, then they click on the link in the advertising to do further purchases, then sending advertising via SMS mobile phones has been running effectively.

Effective advertising will be able to persuade the audience or consumers to try the advertised product or service. Therefore, advertising formats must be designed in such a way as to lead to a purchase or use of the advertised product.

There are several criteria for using SMS Advertising. Firstly advertising that is sent to consumers is an advertisement that suits their needs. In order to create advertisements that meet the needs, must be accompanied by further application of user techniques.

In addition, the language used in advertisements must be straightforward, simple, informative, and interesting.

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