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SMS Marketing, an Easy Way to Grow Your Business

If you want to have lots of customers with minimal costs in an easy way, then SMS marketing is all that you need. SMS marketing or text marketing is one of the easy ways to build your business communication. Here is what all you need to know about text marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

Text marketing is a strategy that uses the permission of SMS (Short Messages Services) to send advertising, campaigns, news, or promotion to potential customers.

Text marketing and email marketing have one thing in common i.e. owned channels. This means text marketing gives you complete control over what content to share and when you decide to send it.

2 types of Text Marketing for Business

Based on the content of the message that sent, text marketing can be divided into two parts:

SMS marketing
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1. Promotional Text Marketing

Promotional text marketing is texts that you will send to your audience or potential customers for promoting a product, increasing sales, or building brand awareness.

2. Transactional Text Marketing

Transactional SMS messages are texts that contain the information your customers need. For example regarding order confirmation details or shipping information.

When a customer makes a purchase, you should send messages about shipping information, because it will be a great way to keep them informed and build customer loyalty.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

Text marketing’s messages are sent as "shortcodes," as opposed to full phone numbers. Usually, this shortcode consists of 5 to 6 digits. Later, the shortcode will be sent to one sender or you can send it to several senders at once. You can even associate it with a single sender or shared across multiple senders.

5 Advantages of Text Marketing

There are many advantages of text marketing, here are five advantages that you will get when using text marketing as your marketing strategy.

1. Have Better Conversion Rate

Even with many users of short messages via app such as Whatsapp, Line, and Telegram, the advantages of text marketing in business are still plentiful.

Text SMS does not require users to download certain applications which makes messages reach more people when compared to texting applications.

2. Best Audience Reach

Statistics in 2018 reveal that 52.2% of all online traffic is generated via mobile phones worldwide. This presentation number will increase if there is also an increase in users of smartphones.

This high number of smartphone users has finally made text marketing a communication option for many businesses.

The other advantage of using text marketing is that customers can receive text messages without requiring internet connectivity; they just need a working phone, then that is enough. With the use of the telephone, SMS marketing has become a gold mine.

3. High Open Rates

One of the best advantages of text marketing is this strategy has the highest customer open rate than phone calls or emails. How effective is text marketing as a marketing strategy? 98% of messages sent via text marketing strategy will be opened by customers.

It has high conversions, as well as the ability to leverage other channels. This is what makes text marketing services always for all companies looking for fast and effective customer service.

SMS marketing
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4. Easy Option to Enter or Exit

If you compare email marketing to text marketing, the rules of text marketing are stricter. However, in text marketing, users can choose to opt-out and no longer receive news or messages.

How to do it? Shortcode and long code numbers give customers the option to choose whether they want to receive messages back or not. The response to this message is also short, so both instant and business can configure simple keywords for customers to respond easily.

This simple thing can increase customer satisfaction and make customers loyal to your product or service. Moreover, it is easy for them to be able to leave at any time if they want to stop receiving messages.

5. Text Marketing is Inexpensive

The benefit of using text marketing as a marketing strategy is that it doesn't cost as much as other marketing strategies.

When compared to other forms of marketing such as billboards, mobile advertisements, magazines or television advertisements, text marketing is more budget efficient.

There are text marketing providers who use Cloud phone systems to provide a service to send messages in bulk.

This cloud phone provider is allowing businesses to reach their customers in a more effective way. So, it will give you more advantages that can’t be ignored.

That is all the things you should know about SMS marketing. From understanding the meaning of text marketing to benefits for using text marketing as your business’ marketing strategy.

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