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The Simple Guide to Create an Online Shop for Free

Online shop is a new type of business where you don't need to meet your customers. This business reached its peak last year, especially during the pandemic, and it is estimated that the development of the industry will continue to increase in the future. The following are some guides or information on how to create an online shop.

How Can I Create An Online Store for Free?

Now, you can create an online shop for free in various marketplaces available in all parts of the world. Every country or region must have its own marketplace. These various online marketplaces invite various sellers to open an online store in their marketplace.

If you are interested in opening your own first online shop, maybe you can register your shop at a well-known marketplace in your area first.

In these various marketplaces, you can open an online shop without being charged a penny. You just have to register yourself and your shop, offer your products, then your online shop can be used.

Nowadays, opening an online shop is easier than ever. In addition to being able to open it for free without being charged any fees, you will also get various subsidies and special assistance to offer your products in various online marketplaces.

Successful international marketplaces such as Amazon or ebay might be one of your choices. Or, if you live in Southeast Asia, Shopee could be one of the best marketplaces for you to choose from.

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How Much Does It Cost to Start An Online Store?

Of course, there is no definite measure of the capital you have to spend to create an online shop. The capital you must have depends on the type of online shop you want to build. Some types of online shops such as luxury products may require you to have a lot of capital first.

The capital to buy products and packaging is the first cost you have to take into account to find out exactly how much money you have to prepare to create an online shop. Based on this calculation of product capital and packaging, only then can you make a rough financial plan for the capital you must spend.

However, now you can also open an online shop that opens a pre-order or dropshipping system. With these two systems, you don't need to have the same capital, you only need to order goods when someone orders them and you use the money paid by the buyer directly to buy the ordered product.

This online shop, which uses a pre-order and dropshipper system, has become one of the most trending business models in recent years. An online shop like this is not only easy to create, but also doesn't require a large amount of capital, or even no capital at all.

Are Online Stores Profitable?

Yes, online stores are very much profitable, even maybe more profitable than the usual conventional business. The online shop is one of the most promising business models for profit because it does not require operational costs such as building costs and other costs found in offline shops.

With an online shop, you can have a business without having to have a shop building, without having to have many employees, and without having to have a lot of other supporting equipment such as an offline store. Of course, this will reduce the costs you have to spend, so you can get a bigger profit.

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Shopify Website?

When you want to create an online shop in the form of a Shopify website, you must prepare a capital of around $3,000 to $5,000 dollars. This cost may be quite large when compared to the cost of setting up other online shops.

But of course this price does not come with nothing. With this price, you can get a professionally made website to accommodate your online shop.

To create an online shop, you can do it with limited capital, even for free at no cost at all. Determine the type of online shop you want, and choose which business model you want to run.

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