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How to Track Phone Using IMSI Catcher

Now, you don't need to panic anymore if you lose your HP. In this age of technological advancement, there are many ways and tools that you can do to track back your lost phone. Here, we will discuss how to track phone using IMSI.

How IMSI Catcher Works

To understand how IMSI catcher is actually quite easy and simple. This tool will act like a media connection signal forwarder. So, this tool will intercept the connection between cell phones and the connection towers around them.

This way, the IMSI catcher can get various information regarding the telephone number, IMSI number, IMEI number, and also other data from the phone connected to the connection.

Because of its very sophisticated use, this tool is quite limited in its use in the community. This tool can only be used for important purposes, one of which is to help you to track phone using IMSI catcher.

However, this tool can only be connected to one type of connection, for example a 5g catcher can only be connected to a 5g connection.

Track Phone Using IMSI
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How IMSI Catcher Can Function as A Location Tracker?

IMSI can be used to track your phone by utilizing information about what mobile phones are around them. As already mentioned, this tool can detect a variety of information, especially IMSI numbers, phones connected to tower connections around them.

With this ability, this tool can automatically detect phones that are within a radius of several hundred meters to 2 km around them. It can be used to track your lost phone. More precisely, this tool can help find whether your phone is located somewhere or not.

To be able to track phone using IMSI catcher, you have to move locations to try to detect whether the phone you are looking for is in a certain place.

If the IMSI catcher doesn't show any information about your cell phone in the list of captured data on their sensor, then it's highly likely that the phone you're looking for isn't nearby.

What Can I do With IMSI Catcher?

As the name implies, this is actually intended specifically to be able to find out the IMSI number of cell phones that are around the device.

This tool can be very helpful for important purposes such as tracking done by the police, or as currently being discussed, to track phone using IMSI numbers only.

This tool is mostly paired with the phone number catcher and also the IMEI number catcher. The two types of catchers, phone number and IMEI catcher, are also widely used not only to collect information about cell phones.

Both of these tools are also used to track lost phones. Now there are a lot of people who use IMEI number tracking.

How to Find IMSI Number of Lost Phone?

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to find the IMSI number on a lost phone if you don't know it beforehand. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the IMSI number which is usually listed on your cell phone.

Actually there is a way you can find the IMSI number of a phone that has been lost, but it takes a lot of special tools.

Where to Buy IMSI Catcher?

Track Phone Using IMSI
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To track a phone using IMSI, of course you need a capable tool so you can find your phone. The higher the specifications of the tool, usually the ability of the tool to detect the phone is also more accurate and also in a wider radius.

Now there are many shops that you can access to get the IMSI catcher. You don't even have to bother going around electronics stores to ask if they provide an IMSI catcher or not. Now, you can get this tool very easily in just one click via the online marketplace.

You can look for websites or electronic online stores that provide IMSI catcher tools. Some of them also offer free consultation regarding your tracker needs, and also international shipping services.

To track phone using IMSI number, of course you have to know the IMSI number of the phone you want to track.

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