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Many Type of Digital Transformation That You Should Know

In its development, the digital world has undergone many changes and transformations. This transformation occurs because of continuous efforts made to make digital systems even better and can help human life more effectively. This time, you will know some information about the type of digital transformation.

What Are The 4 Types of Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a thing that consists of 4 main types. In a whole digital transformation, these four types serve as guidelines to help companies understand what areas must be changed and transferred to digital based. The following are the four type of digital transformation:

1. Process Transformation

This process transformation is a company transformation effort carried out to change the implementation of their company's production and distribution processes to be even more effective.

This transformation process includes various things that are directly related to important activities in the running of the company. An example of this type of transformation is the replacement of a production system that was previously performed by humans into a robot-based one.

Types of Digital Transformation
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2. Business Model Transformation

In this transformation process, the previously not digital based business model was replaced. This transformation can be done by changing the whole or part of the business model by creating a new branch of the business model.

3. Domain Transformation

Domain transformation is a type of digital transformation which is said to be one of the most significant type in increasing company profits. One of the best examples in domain transformation is the amazon website which makes Amazon the biggest retail business in the world.

4. Cultural Transformation

Optimizing organizational and culture of the business in the digital world can be one of the best things you implement for your business.

Digital transformation can make the workflow of the company more flexible and also easy to manage. This type of digital transformation also brings various other benefits to the company.

What Are The 3 Main Components of Digital Transformation?

successful, there are 3 important components that you can use as a benchmark whether you have successfully performed digital transformation or not. Many companies mistakenly assume that if employees already use computers or have also used various software to carry out their work, then they can be said to be successful in carrying out digital transformation.

In fact, digital transformation covers a much broader scope than that. However, this problem is easy to understand because digital transformation includes broad things, so it is difficult to identify whether you have completed the digital transformation or not.

To help you understand this, there are 3 components that you can use as parameters. Here are the 3 components:

  • The transforming process

  • The operation process

  • The customer experience

What Are The 5 Domains of Digital Transformation?

There are 5 main domains that are included in digital transformation. The 5 domains include value, innovation, data, customer, and also competition. Digital transformation is said to be successful if you can fully implement digital transformation in these five domains.

Along with the type of digital transformation and the components, this domain will also help you to implement digital transformation for your business or company.

What Are The Top 3 Trends of Digital Transformation?

It is estimated that there will be 7 trends in digital transformation in 2022. However, the 3 trends that you should pay attention to are the hybrid experiences, the business matures that are composable, and also the increasing number of business technologists.

Type of Digital Transformation
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What is Digital Transformation Examples?

One of the easiest examples that you could find on digital transformation is using various digital or AI-based technologies in your company's activities. In addition, there are many examples of digital transformation. Each type of digital transformation has its own example.

Now, you might also wonder what is digital in digital transformation? This digital functions as a platform as well as a tool that will be used in the transformation process.

This transformation aims to increase the effectiveness of company activities by using digital tools and platforms, from those previously using manual labor.

After acknowledging the various components, trends, domains, and also the type of digital transformation, you can do digital transformation in your company more easily.

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