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What the GSM Interceptor System Actually Is?

You may have often heard the word GSM Interceptor System, but some of you may still not know what this system actually is. In this explanation, you will find out some information about the Interceptor system which will be explained briefly. Check out the following explanation.

What is GSM Interceptor?

As the name implies, GSM interceptor system is a system that is used to intercept GSM network connections, GSM connection networks are network connectivity that is commonly used when you make calls, send text messages, and also various other purposes that involve an internet connection.

Over time, more and more GSM interceptor devices have appeared. You can get them very easily today. The use of this system actually appears to be used as an information tool for monitoring GSM networks. However, over time, the function of this system mostly switches functions for various other purposes.

You can find lots of examples of the use of GSM interceptors in various fields and industries in the community. However, one of the main industries that use this tool is the marketing industry, for SMS marketing.

GSM Interceptor System
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How Does GSM Interceptor Work?

The way this tool works is actually quite simple. The GSM interceptor can intercept the GSM network because this tool uses a special system that allows it to absorb the network emitted by the transmitter and then broadcast it back to mobile or other electronic devices that require the GSM network.

In a way, this tool will mimic the workings of the transmitter and monopolize the network broadcast by the transmitter, after which the mobile and other technological devices will automatically connect to the connection broadcast from this GSM interceptor system.

If the mobile phone and other electronic devices are already connected to the network from the interceptor, then the interceptor can extract various desired data, according to the purpose of the device owner.

How GSM Can be Intercepted?

GSM could be intercepted if there is a device that manages to be an intermediary or intruder from the network that is established between the GSM transmitter connection and the device that is the recipient of the connection. This function is what you can get in the GSM interceptor system.

This system can intercept GSM connections easily because basically GSM connections do not have the same security framework and all devices can connect to the transmitter.

So that this flaw is used by the interceptor system to absorb the connection and then transmit it back to the mobile phone and also other technologies that act as network receivers.

The Function of GSM Interceptor System

The GSM interceptor has a wide range of functions. However, one of its main functions is to get data from cell phones connected to this tool.

If you are a wifi system operator, you certainly know that if a cell phone is connected to the wifi, the operator can see various data from the cell phone.

The same thing happens with the GSM interceptor tool. If a cell phone or other technological device is connected to the interceptor, then the device can see the IMEI number, IMSI number, telephone number, and also various other data from the cell phone.

The data that has been collected will later be used for various purposes, one of which is to serve as a target for SMS marketing.

There are so many GSM interceptors that also act as SMS transmitters. In this way, this tool terminating SMS automatically after the tool knows the cell phone number of a cell phone.

GSM Interceptor System
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What is Interception System?

Interception system is a term for systems whose main function is to intercept something. The GSM interceptor system is a member of the interceptor system group. There are still many examples of interceptor systems with different falsifications that are used in various community needs.

All these interceptor systems must of course be used wisely and specifically for purposes for the common good, not to harm other people.

Some countries also have their own special restrictions regarding the use of interceptor systems, including GSM interceptors. Before you use it, you need to check the rules in your country first.

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