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Information About IMSI Catcher 4G LTE That You Should Know!

If you are looking for a catcher tool, you may have to consider IMSI Catcher 4G LTE as one of the catchers you should choose. The 4G type catcher is currently one of the most popular catchers and also the best-selling everywhere. This is because the majority of smartphones and cell phones use 4G as their network connection.

What is IMSI Catcher 4G LTE?

You've probably recently heard of a tool called the IMSI catcher. As the name implies, this tool was created to capture the IMSI number of cell phones around them. IMSI catcher is one of the important tools used for various needs, especially for advertising and marketing needs.

This IMSI catcher comes in several types, according to the type of network that can be connected to the device. There are 2G catchers, 3G catchers, 4G catchers, and also 5G catchers. IMSI Catcher 4G LTE is the most widely available type of catcher on the market today.

This type of catcher captures the IMSI number by connecting to a 4G connection in the vicinity. By intercepting a connection, the device can find out the cell phone data that is connected to the network.

Not only IMSI catcher, there is also an SMS catcher and also an IMEI catcher that can capture phone numbers as well as IMEI.

IMSI Catcher 4G LTE
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How Much is the IMSI Catcher Price?

IMSI catchers are sold at different prices in the market according to the brand, specifications, and also the type of the catcher.

The higher the catcher specification, the catcher will be sold at a higher price. Usually, the specifications that make a catcher expensive are the number of IMSI numbers that can be caught, features, size, and also the quality of the catcher itself.

You can already have your own catcher at a price that is quite cheap. In the marketplace as well as the electronics store itself, you can find IMSI catchers that sell for $1,500 to $12,000.

In addition to the specifications of the catcher, the type of catcher also greatly affects the price. For example, IMSI Catcher 4G LTE certainly has a different price when compared to 2G, 3G, or 5G catchers.

Many Types of IMSI Catcher That You Can Use to Catch IMSI Number

Apart from being differentiated based on the type of network, IMSI catcher can also be differentiated into several other ranges. Nowadays, you can not only use IMSI catcher in hardware form, there are already a lot of IMSI catcher software available on the internet and you can use it very easily.

To understand the difference between IMSI catcher software and hardware, you can read the following brief discussion:

1. IMSI Catcher Software

You can find lots of available and downloadable IMSI catcher software services at very low prices. With this software, you can turn your device into a working IMSI catcher very easily. You can even get some of this software for free.

One of the most famous IMSI catcher 4G LTE software is the IMSI catcher RTL-SDR. You only need to search for this software on a search engine like Google. This software can be downloaded on Android and iOS, as well as other types of devices.

IMSI catcher software is also commonly referred to as the IMSI catcher github. The way this software works is actually quite easy, this software contains some code that can program the tool you want to be able to capture the IMSI number.

2. IMSI Catcher Hardware/ Machine

IMSI Catcher 4G LTE
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The commonly used IMSI catchers usually come in hardware form. People prefer IMSI catcher in machine form because it can usually work more effectively and also the quality is more guaranteed when compared to IMSI catcher software.

There are lots of IMSI Catcher 4G LTE machines that are currently popping up on the market. You can already find this machine in various online marketplaces such as Amazon at an affordable price.

The IMSI catcher tool is a sophisticated tool that is only devoted to commercial use, not for personal use, let alone to harm other people. To avoid your number being caught by the IMSI catcher, fortunately now there are several detector available to prevent your cell phone from being attacked by the catcher.

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