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Information About IMSI Catcher 4G LTE That You Should Know!

If you are looking for a catcher tool, you may have to consider IMSI Catcher 4G LTE as one of the catchers you should choose. The 4G type catcher is currently one of the most popular catchers and also the best-selling everywhere. This is because the majority of smartphones and cell phones use 4G as their network connection.

What is IMSI Catcher 4G LTE?

You've probably recently heard of a tool called the IMSI catcher. As the name implies, this tool was created to capture the IMSI number of cell phones around them. IMSI catcher is one of the important tools used for various needs, especially for advertising and marketing needs.

This IMSI catcher comes in several types, according to the type of network that can be connected to the device. There are 2G catchers, 3G catchers, 4G catchers, and also 5G catchers. IMSI Catcher 4G LTE is the most widely available type of catcher on the market today.

This type of catcher captures the IMSI number by connecting to a 4G connection in the vicinity. By intercepting a connection, the device can find out the cell phone data that is connected to the network.

Not only IMSI catcher, there is also an SMS catcher and also an IMEI catcher that can capture phone numbers as well as IMEI.