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Find Out IMSI Catcher 4G Price Here!

IMSI catcher is one of the supporting tools that you can use for SMS marketing or other cyber needs. This tool is now widely sold in general and easy to find. Read the following information to find out the IMSI catcher 4G price and also other information about this tool.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

Currently, the price of the IMSI catcher is not as expensive as it used to be. Today, you can get a good quality IMSI catcher for as little as $1,200 to $10,000, much more affordable than a few years ago, before the IMSI catcher went on sale to the general public.

Just like digital goods or other machines, the price of this IMSI catcher is set depending on the specifications and also the sophistication of the tool. If the IMSI catcher you want has a high specification, then the price you have to pay is even more expensive. Vice versa.

In addition to the specifications, the price of the IMSI catcher is also mainly determined by the type of network that can be connected to the device. For example, the IMSI catcher 4G price will certainly be more expensive when compared to 3G or 2G.

For the IMSI 4G catcher price itself, usually the seller will sell the 4G catcher with an average price of $2,500 to $5,000 dollars, depending on the specifications of the device.

IMSI Catcher 4G Price
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What is The Range of IMSI Catcher?

IMSI catcher can be distinguished in several groups of range. You can differentiate the IMSI catcher from its quality range, brand, price, and finally the type of connection. IMSI catcher grouping based on the type of network is the grouping that is most often used by people.

If distinguished according to the type of connection that can be connected to the catcher, this tool can be divided into 4 types. There are 2G catchers, 3G catchers, 4G catchers, and also the newest 5G catcher. This type of catcher is formed according to the existence of a new network type.

So if there is a new network again, then there will definitely be a new type of catcher in accordance with the new network.

Who Uses IMSI Catcher?

Initially, the IMSI catcher was only used for purposes such as police investment or other professional interests. But now, the IMSI catcher tool can be used by the public.

Even now, you can find many IMSI catcher providers in online marketplaces that are sold freely. In this marketplace, you can find various levels of IMSI catcher 4G price.

However, the use of this tool by the public is still under supervision and may only be used for commercial purposes such as for advertising or marketing.

What is Passive IMSI Catcher?

IMSI catcher can be divided into 2 types, namely active and passive, the following is a brief explanation:

1. Passive IMSI Catcher

Passive IMSI catcher is a tool that can only capture IMSI numbers and store the data. This IMSI catcher can capture IMSI numbers from cell phones around the device, so that the device owner can later get data from various IMSI numbers belonging to other cell phones.

2. Active IMSI Catcher

IMSI Catcher 4G Price
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Active IMSI catcher is a type of catcher where the tool can not only capture the number of the catcher in the vicinity, but also perform other tasks such as sending SMS to cell phones whose IMSI number is already known.

This type of catcher will be very useful for SMS marketing, where the owner of this tool can send promotional messages to cell phones around the device.

After reading this article, you already know the IMSI catcher 4G price and also various other beneficial information that you may need to know about the IMSI catcher.

Make sure you use the IMSI catcher for professional or commercial purposes only, and not personal needs that violate the rules and harm others.

In addition, pay attention to the restrictions and also the conditions for using this tool in the country you are staying in. Some countries set some special rules regarding the use of this tool.

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