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Downloadable GSM IMSI Catcher Software To Catch IMSI Number

Apparently, to find out the IMSI number of cell phones around you, you don't need to always use a machine or IMSI catcher hardware tool. Now there are lots of GSM IMSI catcher software that you can get easily. These softwares can turn your device into a functioning IMSI catcher.

Are IMSI Catchers Illegal?

Just like SMS catcher, IMSI catcher is a tool that is legal and can be used by the general public without requiring special permission.

Now you can find lots of sellers or providers of IMSI catcher anywhere. In fact, currently IMSI catcher has been sold freely in online marketplaces such as amazon.

Not only IMSI catcher machines or hardware have been declared legal. However, GSM IMSI Catcher Software can also be used by the general public legally. Although its use is legal, you should also find out if there are any specific restrictions in your country regarding the use of IMSI.