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Downloadable GSM IMSI Catcher Software To Catch IMSI Number

Apparently, to find out the IMSI number of cell phones around you, you don't need to always use a machine or IMSI catcher hardware tool. Now there are lots of GSM IMSI catcher software that you can get easily. These softwares can turn your device into a functioning IMSI catcher.

Are IMSI Catchers Illegal?

Just like SMS catcher, IMSI catcher is a tool that is legal and can be used by the general public without requiring special permission.

Now you can find lots of sellers or providers of IMSI catcher anywhere. In fact, currently IMSI catcher has been sold freely in online marketplaces such as amazon.

Not only IMSI catcher machines or hardware have been declared legal. However, GSM IMSI Catcher Software can also be used by the general public legally. Although its use is legal, you should also find out if there are any specific restrictions in your country regarding the use of IMSI.

GSM IMSI Catcher Software
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Some countries impose special rules regarding the hours of use and also the purpose of this IMSI catcher. Some countries only allow the use of the catcher on business days and hours.

So if you want to use the IMSI catcher, make sure you first know the rules that apply in your country regarding this IMSI catcher.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

IMSI catcher prices vary depending on the type and specifications of the catcher. The higher the specifications possessed by a catcher, then of course the catcher will be sold at a higher price.

In addition, several well-known brands that are well known for their quality also tend to sell their catcher fish at a higher price than other brands.

You can already get an IMSI catcher with prices ranging from $1,500 to over $10,000. Apart from depending on the specifications and also the brand, the price of the IMSI catcher machine and also the software will certainly be different.

The GSM IMSI catcher software will certainly be sold at a cheaper price when compared to the IMSI catcher machine. Even some GSM interceptor software is also often offered for free on the internet. So the IMSI catcher software can be a cheap alternative for those of you who want to catch the IMSI number.

How GSM Traffic Can be Intercepted?

GSM IMSI Catcher Software can find out IMSI numbers in the vicinity by intercepting the existing GSM network.

This GSM network can be intercepted because this catcher device will act as an intermediary between the connection transmitter tower and the cell phone connected to the connection.

The catcher will absorb the connection from the tower and then transmit it back to the cell phone so that the cell phone will be automatically connected to this catcher device. If a cell phone has been connected to the GSM IMSI catcher software, then the software can see the data and important numbers of the cell phone.

What Can an IMSI Catcher Do?

GSM IMSI Catcher Software
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As the name implies, this tool is usually mainly used for catching IMSI numbers from cell phones around the device. With its GSM network intercepting capability, this IMSI catcher can easily find out the IMSI number owned by each cell phone.

However, apart from capturing the IMSI number, several IMSI catchers can also be used to capture other information. Some catcher providers also offer an IMSI catcher which can also function as a phone number and also an IMEI catcher.

This way, when you use this tool, you can get information about phone numbers, IMEI numbers, and IMSI numbers from nearby cell phones.

But of course it should also be noted that if you want to buy an IMSI catcher that can also function as a phone number and also an IMEI catcher, the price will be much higher than the usual IMSI catcher.

GSM IMSI Catcher Software is a very useful and sophisticated tool that people are looking for nowadays. Usually this tool will be used as a helper in the world of advertising and marketing. Not only that, this tool is also usually used by the police to track someone.

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