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Know More About GSM 5G IMSI Catcher Here

IMSI catcher is one of the most sought after tools by many people today because of its sophisticated tools. Every once in a while, there will be a new type of catcher following the development of the type of network. Recently there is a new type of catcher, called GSM 5G IMSI catcher.

Is There IMSI in 5G?

Yes, because 5G networks have emerged and are starting to be widely used, especially in developed countries such as China, GSM 5G IMSI catcher has also appeared. This type of catcher is a tool that can capture IMSI numbers by utilizing the 5G network.

The GSM 5G IMSI catcher is starting to be found in the market and many people are starting to sell it. Even so, because it is still new, of course there are not as many shops or providers of this tool as the catchers of the 3G and 4G types that have been published for a long time.

GSM 5G IMSI Catcher
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How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

A good quality IMSI catcher can be found with prices ranging from $1,500 to over $12,000. This IMSI catcher price variation is determined by the catcher's specifications. If a catcher has a good specification and is also very high, the price will be more expensive.

Apart from depending on the specifications of the catcher itself, the price of the IMSI catcher also depends on the type of tool itself. IMSI catcher can be found in 2G, 3G, 4G, and finally 5G. The rarer the type of catcher you are looking for, the more likely the catcher will cost.

The price of the GSM 5G IMSI catcher itself is usually more expensive than other types of catchers because it is still quite difficult to find and also rarely produced even though it has been sold in bulk. This is why you may have to spend more money to be able to buy a 5G IMSI catcher.

What is The Range of IMSI Catcher?

As previously mentioned, if you differentiate according to the type of connection used, now there are 4 ranges of IMSI catchers. The 4 types of catchers, which are::

  • GSM 2G IMSI Catcher

  • GSM 3G IMSI Catcher

  • GSM 4G IMSI Catcher

  • GSM 5G IMSI Catcher

The availability of this IMSI catcher range depends on the type of network available and also used by the community. If there are new types of networks in the future, such as 6G or 7G, it means that the range of the IMSI catcher will also increase.

IMSI catchers are not only grouped based on the range of connection types, but IMSI catchers are also often grouped based on the quality and specifications of the catcher. Grouping based on this specification is usually done to determine the price of a catcher.

What is IMSI Catching Attack?

IMSI catching attack is a term used when the IMSI catcher starts to work and captures IMSI number information around the device.

As the name implies, this IMSI catching attack indicates that the IMSI catcher is attaching the connection between cell phones and the nearest network tower in order to capture various information about the cell phone, especially the IMSI number.

All types of IMSI catchers, be it 2G, 3G, 4G, and GSM 5G IMSI catcher can only capture IMSI numbers if they attack or intercept other network connections around them.

GSM 5G IMSI Catcher
Pict from Pinterest

Attacking Silently

This attack takes place silently and the cell phone that is intercepted or attacked will not know that their connection network with the connection tower connected to the cell phone has been hacked.

Cell phones that experience an IMSI catcher attack also cannot know whether their IMSI number or other data has been taken by the catcher device or not.

Although currently there is a blocker or catcher detector, but the accuracy of the tool in working is also doubtful whether it can really prevent our data from being absorbed by cell phones or not.

Therefore, the use of this tool is restricted in some countries with some strict rules. For example, in one country, IMSI catchers and other types of catchers may only be used at certain times and hours. And if anyone violates these rules, then that person will be punished.

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