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Some General Information About Unicorn Company World That You Might Need to Know

Updated: Sep 11

Lately, with the development of a very advanced business, public attention has fallen on several startups that are predicted to be able to dominate the world economic market in the future. Startups are divided into several categories, one of which is unicorn startups. In this explanation, we will discuss the unicorn company world which is currently receiving attention.

What is A Startup Company?

unicorn company world

Startups is one of the terms used in the business world, which refers to a company that is in the early stage, or development stage. Some of these companies that are called startups usually consist of a group of entrepreneurs who have founded their own company, and are currently in the adjustment stage in the market.

They may still be in the stage of developing a business model and various other things related to the foundation of their company. In today's economic and business world, there are a lot of startups that have emerged and have succeeded in controlling a few percent of the world market. In various countries, startups are also some of the biggest contributors to their country's income.

What is A Unicorn Company?

Previously, we discussed in general what startups are, then next we will discuss what unicorn startups are. Unicorn startups are a status obtained by a company that is still in the early stage of development, but already has a value of more than $1 billion dollars.

Even though they already have a very high value, some companies are still categorized as startups because they are still in the development stage of their scalable business model.

There are so many unicorn company world that are currently scattered in every country. Some startups that you might know are SpaceX, ByteDance, Shein, Stripe, and many others. Of course, this name is already familiar to you, because they are a very large company, whose market has spread in various parts of the world.

Above the unicorn itself, there are actually 2 titles that are much higher, namely Decacorn and Hectocorn. Dectacorn is a status that a startup can get if it already has a value of more than $10 billion, for example like Pinterest or Dropbox.

Meanwhile, Hectocorn is a title that can be carried by startups that have reached a value of more than $100 billion.

How Many Unicorns Are There in India?

In the unicorn company world, India is one of the countries that has the largest number of startups. It is actually quite hard to say exactly how many startups there are in India, because the number is constantly changing, following the economic and business developments of this country itself.

However, it can be estimated that every year the number continues to increase, especially since 2022, the number has increased drastically.

It is estimated that now India has become the basis of hundreds, if not thousands of startups that are developing and trying to fight over some portion of one of the largest economic markets in the world.

Even though the United States and China still hold the highest positions for countries with the highest number of startups, the number of startups in India is expected to almost rival the number of startups owned by the United States or China.

This is not surprising actually, with a very large population and significant ongoing development of technology and business in India, many startups are easier to grow because of the very supportive environment.

How Many Unicorns Are There in The World?

In one country alone there are hundreds of startups, let alone the number of startups in the world.If we want to count the number of startups in the world, there must be a lot of numbers. However, it is estimated that the number could reach thousands, even hundreds of thousands.

The development of the world economy that continues to skyrocket and move quickly makes a very appropriate business ecosystem for building startups. Building their own startups has even become a dream for many people. People no longer want to just set up a small business, but want to shape their business into a bigger company.

That was a brief explanation about the unicorn company world. In several countries, the number of startups continues to grow very rapidly and is expected to continue to grow in the next few years. Also check out other information about business, economy, and startups on our website.

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