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Website Design Tips to Create Outstanding Website

The design of a website can make visitors feel more comfortable and also survive to linger on your website, or even come back. In a website, design is not only about whether it looks good or not, but also has to pay attention to the comfort aspect for the users. Therefore, if you want to create an outstanding website, take a look at the various website design tips that will be discussed this time.

What Are The 5 Elements to A Good Website Design?

For some people, whether or not the design of a website may be a subjective thing and cannot be defined with certainty. But in fact, whether or not the design of this website can be seen from several parameters.

These parameter elements will show well, whether a website design has met the standards of a good website or not. One of the main website design tips is to follow the standard of these parameters.

If you can meet all the parameter elements of a good website design, then your website design can definitely be said to be a good design.

Website Design Tips
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The following are 5 basic elements that indicate good website design:

  • Content

  • Usability

  • Aesthetic

  • Visibility

  • Interaction

These 5 elements are the basic website design tips that you must fulfill. If in the five elements of the design aspect, your website has shown good performance, then you have succeeded in creating a website that is comfortable to use, inviting, and also able to get more people to stay on your website.

What Are Your Best Tips for Designing A Website?

In making a good website design, there are lots of website design tips that you can follow. The first tip you can do is to create a personality from your own website design. Use aesthetics or design themes that match the persona and image that you or your brand want to display. Don't just go along with all the trendy design themes.

Combine the trendy design style and your own brand image. And also, keep it simple and easy to use. Too many menus, buttons, or other distracting things will actually annoy visitors and confuse them when they are on the website.

In addition, you must always prioritize the convenience of visitors when you design a website. Take into account the distance between your elements, the size of the text, and also the colors you want to use in order to create a design that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also comfortable to stare at for a long time.

What Makes A Website Design Bad?

One of the major mistakes made by people that results in a bad website design is not paying attention to the comfort of visitors, so that visitors don't feel at home on your website. This mistake is the main thing that you should avoid when creating a website design.

Using colors that make color sick, not paying attention to white space, giving too many elements or buttons, are some examples of these errors. If you want to know how to avoid these mistakes, you can look for inspiration and find out about what makes a good website in 2021.

From there you will be able to see various real examples of various website designs that you can use as inspiration when you design your website.

What Makes A Website Attractive?

Have you ever visited a website with a very beautiful design that makes you feel at home to linger on the website? Pleasing design is one of the main aspects that makes a design attractive in the eyes of visitors.

A good website theme and appearance that has a good aesthetic will attract more visitors to your website and make visitors also often come back to your website.

Website Design Tips
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However, the appearance aspect of a website design is not the only aspect that contains an attractive design or not. An attractive website design is also determined by good navigation and also convenience when used.

The more comfortable a website is used, the more attractive the website design will be for visitors.

The discussion above is a few website design tips that can help you to create a beautiful and attractive website. The aspect of the appearance of the design and also the comfort when used are the two main aspects that determine whether a website design is good or not.

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