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Several Information About Best IMSI Catcher That You Might Haven’t Know

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

If you are looking to grow your business significantly, you can try to use SMS marketing as one of your main marketing methods. Using an SMS marketing strategy can give you many more benefits that you might not get if you use other marketing methods. To do this method, you need help from the best IMSI catcher machine.

IMSI catcher is a machine that can give you information about the IMSI number of a cell phone. After you know the IMSI number of the phone, then you can send SMS automatically to the cellphone. Check out various information about the best IMSI catcher in this discussion.

What Can be Done with IMSI?

best IMSI catcher

Lots of people don't know that the IMSI number is a powerful number, which can allow you to do a lot of things.

If you know someone's IMSI number, then you can intercept calls, intercept text messages, track locations of the phone, and many other things you can do. But here, we are talking in the context of marketing, so things you can do legally that can help your marketing business.

The IMSI function that you can use to help boost sales from your business is to send text messages automatically without the need to manually register someone's number first. So, if you know someone's IMSI number you can send text messages to that person much more easily with the help of a machine.

While this function might not be significant if only used for individuals, this function actually can be a great helper if you want to send SMS in bulk to many people.

What is A Passive IMSI Catcher?

The IMSI catcher, like other interceptor machines, can actually be divided into two. This machine can be categorized as an active and passive IMSI catcher.

The best IMSI catcher which is usually more popular and more preferred by many people is the active IMSI catcher. This is because this type of catcher can not only know someone's IMSI number, but also directly send the information you want to that IMSI number via text messages.

On the other hand, the passive IMSI catcher only serves to find out the catcher's IMSI number. This type of catcher is usually less widely used for SMS marketing needs, usually more used for personal needs.

Are IMSI Catchers Legal UK?

In some countries, the use of IMSI catchers is still very controversial and it is doubtful whether it is legal or not.

However, in some countries with developing economies, the use of IMSI catchers can be categorized as legal, including in the UK itself. But of course this use also has strict regulations and should only be used for commercial purposes.

The use of the best IMSI catcher for personal intercourse that can harm others can be categorized as illegal in accordance with applicable law. However, even though it is a legal matter, the use of IMSI catcher for SMS marketing needs also has its own rules.

For example, some countries only allow businesses to use the IMSI catcher or other interceptor tool on weekdays and specified hours.

Can IMSI Catcher Listen to Calls?

If you use an active IMSI catcher, you can perform various types of tasks, not only knowing the IMSI number. And one of these tasks is that you can intercept other people's phone calls. However, not all active IMSI catchers can do this, only some of the best IMSI catchers with the call intercept feature can do this with the same machine.

However, if you know the IMSI number of a machine catcher, you can use it to intercept calls with the help of a different interceptor machine. This IMSI number is more useful for knowing the target you will intercept.

What is The Range of IMSI Catcher?

The range of distances that can be covered by an IMSI catcher of course varies greatly depending on the specifications of the tool. Some catcher machines can only detect IMSI numbers up to a few meters radius.

However, the best IMSI catcher that has high specifications can cover an area even kilometers away. So you can choose for yourself which catcher specifications you want according to your budget and also your needs.

If you want to find the best IMSI catcher that can help you perform your SMS marketing well, you can check out the various Hitech Terminal products available on our website. Hitech Terminal machines are already very popular and widely used for this marketing strategy because of their power and effectiveness.

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