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The Introduction of IMSI Catcher Github

IMSI catcher is one of the most sought after tools and is also talked about in recent times because of its very advanced capabilities. This is evident from the high search for IMSI catcher github on the search page. In this discussion, there will be some information that you might want to know about the IMSI catcher.

What is LTE IMSI Catcher Github?

Some of you may not be familiar with a tool called IMSI catcher. Lately, this tool is much discussed because this tool can retrieve data from your mobile phone. This tool can even intercept phone calls and text messages from cell phones around the device.

For those of you who are not familiar with the IMSI catcher, this tool is a non-wifi based connection transmitter that can be used to read or collect some data from nearby cell phones. Cell phones around this device will automatically connect to the IMSI catcher.

With this extraordinary ability, it's no wonder that the LTE IMSI catcher or what is commonly referred to as the IMSI grabber is a hot topic on GitHub. IMSI catcher github became popular after many people became curious about the sophistication of this tool.

IMSI Catcher Github
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How IMSI Catcher Can Work?

The way this tool works is actually much simpler than you might imagine. To be able to monitor or capture data from cell phones in the vicinity, this tool will act as a connection transmitter tower.

All types of cell phones will always look for an internet connection network to connect to so they can work and send messages or calls. With this, the cell phone will always look for the closest connection and automatically connect directly to the source of the connection.

This is what is used by the IMSI catcher github. This sophisticated tool will emit a connection that will automatically be directly connected to the surrounding cell phone. If this tool is active and connected, then this tool can immediately capture various data that can be collected.

Without having to have a special app, all cell phones that are near the device will be connected. Unfortunately, there is currently no powerful detector that can prevent your data from being collected by this tool.

Types of IMSI Catcher

Because today there are many types of connections available in the world, there are also many types of IMSI catchers that have sprung up following these developments. At first there was only the IMSI catcher which was made to transmit 2g connections.

But along with the technological development, now the 3G IMSI catcher github has appeared. In addition, there is also a catcher type that emits 4g connections after the emergence of this type of connection.

Because now there is also a 5g connection, although it can only be accessed in a few countries, it is predictable that soon there will be an IMSI catcher github that can transmit 5g connections.

In addition to the type of connection, there are also types based on their use. Following are the two other types of IMSI catchers:

IMSI Catcher Github
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1. Passive Catcher

Passive catcher is a catcher that can be used by the general public. Its usefulness is also very limited, only to capture the IMEI number, IMSI, or phone number of the connected cellphone.

Usually this tool is used for marketing purposes as well as advertising on SMS marketing techniques. You can buy this tool easily, you can even make it yourself with tutorials provided on the internet.

2. Professional Catcher

Github's Professional IMSI catcher is a type of IMSI catcher with much more advanced functionality. This tool can be used to monitor text messages or phone calls made when the cell phone is connected to this connection.

Because its function is very sophisticated and also dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands, this type of IMSI catcher is not legal for the general public to use. Impressions of this type can only be used by state institutions or people with important interests.

The github IMSI catcher can work to connect with various types of phones. Starting from the iPhone, Android, even old school cell phones that are still in the form of ordinary phones.

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