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IMSI Catcher Detector to Prevent Cyber Attacks

In this modern and sophisticated era, cyber attacks are one of the things you should be aware of as a technology user. Now there are lots of technologies that can be used to retrieve your data through the mobile phone you are using. But luckily you can avoid this attack by using the IMSI catcher detector.

How Does An IMSI Grabber Work?

IMSI grabber or also known as IMSI catcher is a sophisticated tool that can be used to retrieve data from your cell phone and also intercept phone calls and text messages. It sounds like a very dangerous tool, doesn't it? Fortunately now there is an IMSI catcher detector technology.

This tool has a very sophisticated capability by using the connection as the main factor that makes this tool work. The way the IMSI catcher works is that this tool will transmit connections that are forwarded from the connection tower.

In this way, cell phones around this device will identify the connection from the catcher as a connection from the internet tower and will automatically connect. Once connected, the catcher can read various cell phone data and also find out the contents of text messages and phone calls made using the connection from the catcher.

What are IMSI Catcher Used For?

In general, the IMSI catcher tool is used to retrieve the data desired by the catcher owner from the cell phone that is connected to the device. In the field of police, this tool will be very useful for police and state security forces to catch criminals.

However, this tool has also been widely used as a tool that helps advertising and marketing purposes. For more complete information, here are some things IMSI catcher can do:

IMSI Catcher Detector
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1. Communication Interception

When the cell phone wants to send a text message or a phone call, the message will be delivered through the connection connected to the cell phone. This means that the IMSI catcher can read messages sent through the connection connected to the device.

IMSI catchers that can intercept communication are usually only used by professionals. IMSI catcher detector will usually be difficult to detect the connection from this tool because this tool is very sophisticated.

2. Extracting Data

As the name implies, this tool was originally used to collect IMSI number data owned by cell phones.

In addition to the IMSI number, this tool is also used to collect data on telephone numbers, IMEI numbers, cell phone types, and also many other data related to connections and cyber.

The catcher IMSI that is made specifically to collect this data is usually the catcher IMSI used for advertising purposes. This tool has a very important role for marketing techniques through SMS broadcasts or commonly known as SMS marketing techniques.

What is IMSI Catcher Detector?

After discussing various information about the IMSI catcher and also the dangers, now we enter into a discussion about the IMSI catcher detector. IMSI catcher detector is a tool that can be used to detect whether a cell phone is connected to the connection from the catcher or not.

IMSI Catcher Detector
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In this way, the owner or user of the cell phone can find out if there is a catcher device that is monitoring the connection activity of the cell phone it owns. This detector tool is very useful to prevent people from being taken for their phone call data or text messages through the catcher tool.

When your cell phone is indicated to be connected to the connection from the catcher, then you can prevent making phone calls or sending text messages first.

Unfortunately the IMSI catcher detector usually can only function as a detector and cannot simultaneously block the connection from the catcher so that the cell phone is not connected to the connection.

IMSI Catcher Detector App

Applications to detect connections from the catcher can now be downloaded on your phone. There are lots of applications that provide catcher detection tools for both iPhone and Android users.

Some of them can be downloaded for free. But mostly you have to first buy their application services or buy subscriptions per month. Surely the price you spend is worth it with the benefits provided by this IMSI catcher detector app.

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