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Information of IMSI Catcher Software and Hardware That You Need to Know

IMSI catcher software is a software that is said to be able to intercept and also retrieve data from mobile phones that are connected to the software. The truth of this software is actually still questionable whether it can really work or not. But now there is indeed IMSI hardware that can do this. Check out the following explanation.

What Does an IMSI Catcher Do?

IMSI catcher software and hardware are said to be able to retrieve data from mobile phones that are connected to the connection of the device.

On the hardware itself, the catcher device will emit a connection that acts as a connection source where the cellphones around the device will automatically connect to the connection.

After the target phone is connected, the catcher tool will automatically collect the desired data. The target does not need to have a specific app, if it is connected to the catcher connection, the catcher will start working immediately.

In IMSI catcher software, the tool that has this software will be the catcher tool. However, the effectiveness of this catcher tool is usually not comparable to a tool that has been specifically designed from the start.

IMSI catcher software is said to be able to turn your phone or laptop into a catcher tool. Usually this tool will only be a passive catcher tool that can only collect much less data than the usual catcher.