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Information of IMSI Catcher Software and Hardware That You Need to Know

IMSI catcher software is a software that is said to be able to intercept and also retrieve data from mobile phones that are connected to the software. The truth of this software is actually still questionable whether it can really work or not. But now there is indeed IMSI hardware that can do this. Check out the following explanation.

What Does an IMSI Catcher Do?

IMSI catcher software and hardware are said to be able to retrieve data from mobile phones that are connected to the connection of the device.

On the hardware itself, the catcher device will emit a connection that acts as a connection source where the cellphones around the device will automatically connect to the connection.

After the target phone is connected, the catcher tool will automatically collect the desired data. The target does not need to have a specific app, if it is connected to the catcher connection, the catcher will start working immediately.

In IMSI catcher software, the tool that has this software will be the catcher tool. However, the effectiveness of this catcher tool is usually not comparable to a tool that has been specifically designed from the start.

IMSI catcher software is said to be able to turn your phone or laptop into a catcher tool. Usually this tool will only be a passive catcher tool that can only collect much less data than the usual catcher.

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Are IMSI Catchers Illegal?

The regulations regarding whether the IMSI catcher is legal or not depends on the regulations of each country and also the region. However, the passive type of catcher is a legal catcher and can also be purchased by the general public.

People usually use this type of catcher for marketing and advertising purposes. One example of its main use is SMS marketing.

If you are wondering "Can I buy an IMSI catcher?", the answer depends on which type of catcher you want to get.

An ordinary catcher that has the ability to intercept phone calls and other people's text messages may be an illegal catcher and its use is prohibited in general. In addition, to get this type of catcher is also quite difficult.

People who produce this type of catcher usually will not make it for sale to the general public. Usually they specifically make this tool for official agents and also state institutions that have the authority to use this catchers legal.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

Tools with very sophisticated capabilities such as the IMSI catcher can only be obtained at a very high price. This tool is a very expensive tool.

IMSI catcher can be priced from 70,000 to 200,000 us dollars per unit. This price also depends on the ability and also the type of catcher.

IMSI Catcher Software
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Now there are many types of catchers based on the network. There is a catcher that can transmit 2G, 3G, 4G, and even the latest 5G connections.

Catcher's price in India as well as in various other countries is on average the same. If you want a cheaper alternative, maybe you can buy IMSI catcher software which of course has a cheaper price because of its more limited capabilities.

Catcher Blocker or Detector

Unfortunately, until now there has been no discovery of a detector or blocker that can prevent your cell phone from being tapped or absorbed by other people who have a catcher. Therefore, this tool is very dangerous, especially if it falls into the hands of irresponsible parties.

Indeed, there is already some software that is said to be able to detect or block connections from the catcher so that your cell phone is not connected. However, the effectiveness of this software is still questionable considering the ability of the IMSI catcher is very sophisticated.

The truth of whether these software can actually work is still not proven. In addition, detecting whether a cell phone is connected to the catcher is a very difficult thing to do.

Hopefully in the future there will be a tool that can detect whether a cell phone is connected to a catcher or even a blocker that can protect personal data on the cellphone from being stolen.

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