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The IMSI Catcher Price Showing Its High Demands Despite the Limitations

Despite being a controversial tool due to its use in mobile phone surveillance, the demand for IMSI catcher is notoriously high. Even people would be able to see IMSI catcher price variations which indicate that there is a demand for the product and suppliers are competing.

Introduction to the Device

The IMSI catcher works to intercept mobile phone traffic. In order to operate, mobile phones will need to exchange data with the service provider’s tower. However, when a user activates this tool, disruption to that connection occurs. It intercepts the data exchange progress.

What can an IMSI catcher do? There are several tasks that the tool’s user would be able to perform with it:

  • Identifying phone numbers within a certain area.

  • Disrupting any form of communication that does not utilize the end-to-end encryption, such as phone calls and text messages.

  • Determining the approximate locations of mobile phone users within a specific area.

  • Creating calls and text messages to be sent to the target phone numbers.

The tool operates by pretending to be a tower from the mobile phone’s service provider. Thus, instead of connecting with a real tower, the phone will form a connection with the catcher instead. At this time, when the connection has been established, the catcher can perform its tasks.