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How IMSI Catcher Works In Relation with Digital Security of The Device

Security in the field of information is very important because information sent to someone can be confidential information. This is the reason we need to know how IMSI catcher works. The security standards provided by the operator do not guarantee one's communications.

The Important to Know About IMSI

IMSI is a globally unique 15 digit customer identification number. IMSI is attached to the SIM card. For security reasons, IMSI cannot be viewed from the user's perspective. This IMSI is used as the primary key to identify users in GSM or CDMA provider networks.

What is an IMSI catcher and why is it important? IMSI catcher stands for Individual Mobile Subscriber Identity. It is present in all phones and it helps the cellular network to track individual phones and thus connect them to their respective network plans.

What does IMSI catcher do? IMSI Catcher is a specialized surveillance tool that can help law enforcement officers track cell phones and collect data. How IMSI catcher works is the officers can pinpoint the exact location of the suspect even if the person is not on their phone.