Cell Networks Operation Due to IMSI Catchers

IMSI Catchers are a kind of equipment that government agencies probably use to connect the mobile phones of those being monitored. So, why should ordinary citizens who respect the law be afraid of them? Well, because governments are no longer monopolizing the use of IMSI Catchers. However, there are activities that can be taken against them.

Almost a couple of months back, CBS TV network in Canada revealed that several IMSI Catchers had been identified in Ottawa, capital of the country. This story shows you clearly what should you worry about these devices but who use them is not cleared, so far. In the early 2000s, when the device emerged first, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in governments were monopolized on their use. These devices are now accessible for a few hundred bucks in multiple online stores until 2017.

How does it work?

They function as fake cell towers, trickle the device for a target to connect to them and then relay the communication to the network carrier's real cell tower. That enabled the device to be accessed and read and heard through all interactions of the target, such as calls,