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The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy (and Tool to Make It Successful!)

A successful brand understands the need to market their products offline and online. At times, online marketing is even more crucial for the brand. The implementation of the appropriate digital marketing strategy is important. A marketer also needs to choose the right tool for this.

Various Strategies to Market Products Digitally

Some people still ask this question over and over: “what is the strategies of digital marketing?” Strategies of digital marketing refer to the ways people are using digital tools to market something. The marketing process is done virtually instead of offline.

Those strategies are done simultaneously with the more traditional marketing modes. When the two types of marketing are combined effectively, you can reap the best benefits. At times, though, people focus more on digital marketing because it is arguably more effective and cost-efficient.

The following list will answer: “what are the 7 types of digital marketing?”

1. Search Engine Optimization

This digital marketing strategy uses content to maximize traffic into the brand’s website. The marketer tries to tailor their website’ contents to match the public’s needs. When people use search engines, relevant websites with relevant contents will appear at the top place.

Digital Marketing Strategy
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2. Email Marketing

The strategy employs using email to promote products. It can be in the form of a monthly newsletter for people who have already subscribed to you. Some companies also try to reach out to new customers by sending email blasts to many people at once. This method is quite cheap.

3. Social Media Marketing

It means utilizing social accounts for marketing. Most people in the current era have social accounts for varied reasons. Interaction with the target market in their accounts helps the brand get closer to their customers. Personalized interaction is highly recommended.

4. Audio and Video Marketing

The digital marketing strategy utilizes audio and video contents to reach out to customers. You might know that people recognize a brand's jingle very quickly. It is because information is easier to digest when it has an audio quality. The brain can retain information a lot better.

5. Mobile Device Marketing

Compared to other strategies, this method is more target specific. You can contact the customers via their personal number and start promoting your products. The chance of receiving feedback is a lot higher with mobile marketing. It can be through phone calls, or preferably SMS texts.

6. VR Marketing

Talking about an innovative digital marketing strategy will be incomplete without discussing VR marketing. This marketing utilizes the cutting-edge virtual reality technology to market products. Customers are able to experience the product anywhere and anytime before purchasing.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Major e-companies use affiliate marketing to promote their products to a broader audience. This method of marketing benefits people who successfully promote their products. Thus, more people are interested in becoming an affiliate.

Digital Marketing Strategy
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SMS Marketing

Starting off simple, SMS marketing is a smart strategy for a certain brand, even for beginners. There are so many different benefits that you can obtain when opting for this marketing technique, for example:

  • Targeting the customers directly because it utilizes direct contact information

  • More time efficient as you do not need to spend hours making calls

  • Receiving feedbacks from customers (higher probability)

  • Leads have a higher chance to turn into sales

For a brand, those benefits are desirable. It does not need to spend an ample amount of time trying to appeal to people who are less likely to buy their products. Contacting customers from their personal number also makes personalized interaction happen naturally.

Recommended Tool: Hitech Terminal Double Enterprise

It is a tool recommended to implement this digital marketing strategy. This SMS broadcasting tool offers the following specifications:

  • It can send SMS texts to two different operators at the same time.

  • One text can contain up to 400 characters.

  • The speed of message delivery is up to 20,000 texts per hour.

  • Users can arrange up to 5 tasks at a time for the device.

  • The maximum outreach can range from 300 meters to 2 kilometers depending on the population density.

  • It is relatively small and movable.

You can answer: what are the 4 types of digital marketing? And probably more at this point. Out of those strategies, SMS marketing might be the smartest digital marketing strategy. The tool recommended in this page is a great tool to start with your marketing venture.

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