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Understanding the GSM Interceptor, an Intercepting System for Communication Data

There is a technology named GSM Interceptor that sees a consistent growth in popularity. In the past, people did not really understand what this interception system is used for. Currently, this tool is mostly used by authorized people due to its power.

Getting to Know the System

What is GSM interception? This is a system that people use to intercept various forms of communication using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Commercial phones around the globe either use GSM or CDMA, so this system is quite widespread.

There are various actions that people can do using this tool. Here are some of its common features:

  • It can help users to tune in calls and record them within a certain radius.

  • Recording GSM traffic within a certain area coverage to detect suspicious targets.

  • Finding the target’s exact location through the use of GPS.

  • There is software that can help with creating mock calls and text messages.

  • Intercepting call and text message exchanges in a certain area.