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Understanding the GSM Interceptor, an Intercepting System for Communication Data

There is a technology named GSM Interceptor that sees a consistent growth in popularity. In the past, people did not really understand what this interception system is used for. Currently, this tool is mostly used by authorized people due to its power.

Getting to Know the System

What is GSM interception? This is a system that people use to intercept various forms of communication using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). Commercial phones around the globe either use GSM or CDMA, so this system is quite widespread.

There are various actions that people can do using this tool. Here are some of its common features:

  • It can help users to tune in calls and record them within a certain radius.

  • Recording GSM traffic within a certain area coverage to detect suspicious targets.

  • Finding the target’s exact location through the use of GPS.

  • There is software that can help with creating mock calls and text messages.

  • Intercepting call and text message exchanges in a certain area.

  • Utilizing various types of analysis technology including: speech recognition, GPS detector, text matching, link analysis.

Understandably, with that kind of capability, this tool should not be used by just anyone. This is why only authorized parties can use it. The tool is useful, particularly related to security matters.

GSM Interceptor
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The Operationalization of GSM Interceptor

Many people have asked this question: How does GSM interceptor work? As the name suggests, this tool disrupts the GSM signal around its surroundings. Thus, every communication device that uses GSM within its area coverage.

People call an interception with this tool as tactical interception. Basically, to intercept communication between targets, a trained operator will need to be close with the target. Then, the operator will set up the GSM Interceptor. From there, they can start doing their work.

Usually, the tool consists of the following equipment:

  • A notebook or computer for the operator, to control the tool through a certain app.

  • Antennas, to detect the GSM signal.

  • A unit of receiver.

  • A unit of Target Clone.

  • Compact size base transceiver station (BTS).

  • Booster.

  • A safe case to keep the tool.

With the antenna, the tool is capable of detecting the GPS signal within the area. With the mechanism of receiver, booster, and target clone, it directs the communication to the operator’s BTS instead. There, the operator can manipulate the communication data.

GSM Interceptor
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Things to Consider When Choosing the Product

Due to its powerful use, it is so difficult to obtain a GSM Interceptor set. To make the investment worthwhile, it is necessary to consider the following things prior to purchasing the tool:

1. The Type of GSM Bands

One device is only able to work on certain bands. As an example, an interceptor only works on a 4G band. Thus, if the target uses another type of SIM card, the device will not be able to detect the target’s signal at all. It is necessary to choose the most versatile device.

2. Active or Passive

The active or passive interception depends on the need of the operator. Passive system can only analyze the data that enter the system’s device. Meanwhile, the active system can manipulate the data, because it works as a mock GSM operator.

3. Automation

In certain systems, the operator must stand by at all times to conduct the tasks. However, there are also systems that allow the operator to run it with less effort. Certain systems can even allow the device to be left alone and only supervised occasionally.

Automated systems are preferable to certain people. It is more efficient for the human resources as they do not need to be in location all the time. For a secret operation, this system also helps keeping everything safe.

4. The Functions

The functions that a GSM Interceptor can perform depends on whether the system is active or passive. Sometimes, the operator only needs the target’s communication data. However, in some cases, it might be important to manipulate the data for certain purposes.

Thus, it is important to read more than one review of each unit from varied sources. That will introduce the user to the features of each unit comprehensively.

Closing Statement

The passage has answered this question: What is a cell interceptor? This tool is certainly a helpful tool for authorities to conduct operations for general security matters. Knowing how GSM Interceptor works actually also sheds lights on how data security works.

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