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Meet Your Best SMS Broadcaster, Hitech Terminal 70

SMS broadcaster is a machine that can send SMS messages that you want in bulk to people around you. With this method, you can do promotions much more effectively and easily. Because of that, see the explanation of one of the best broadcaster machines you can find, Hitech Terminal 70.

The Features and Specification of Hitech Terminal 70

Now there are lots of SMS broadcast machine available and you can get them very easily. This machine has become a machine that is used by the public on a daily basis for commercial needs and also promotions for businesses or companies.

However, how do you know how to choose the best engine you should use for doing SMS marketing? You can see which machine has the best specifications that will help you make your job easier.

One of the most recommended broadcaster machines for this is the Hitech Terminal 70 machine. This machine is a machine that has been equipped with very sophisticated technology so that it can send SMS to cell phones with a radius of 300 meters to 2 km around it.

Not only that, you can also customize the SMS messages sent to suit your needs. The message that will be sent can consist of up to 70 characters. With this mechanism, you can send 200,000 SMS per hour to different cell phones around you.

Of course, the speed and radius of the cell phone that you can connect depends on the network conditions around where you run this machine. If the area has a good network, the more SMS you can send with a much wider coverage.

In addition to the things mentioned earlier, there are also several other features that make this tool superior. Here are some of them:

  • Have multiple access

  • It has built in Wi-Fi so you don't need an external transmitter

  • Portable and also easy to carry everywhere

  • Can perform unlimited tasks

  • Come with car support

  • SMS receiver memory

  • And many more

hitech terminal 70

Why You Should Use an SMS Blaster to Promote Your Business?

An SMS blaster, like the Hitech Terminal 70, is a machine that has been proven to give your company more exposure. Promotions that are carried out using this machine, or also known as SMS marketing, can reach more people and also get more feedback than other marketing methods.

This marketing method using SMS feels more personal because it seems as if the company is offering their products directly to the public personally. Not only that, SMS marketing is also very easy and fast to do.

So if you do SMS marketing and use an SMS machine, then you can save a lot of money, energy, and time for your company.

Proven to Bring More Profit for the Company

Because of the success of the marketing system that you are doing, there are certainly more and more people who will buy the product or use the services that your company offers.

SMS marketing has proven to be one of the marketing strategies with the highest percentage of effectiveness and conversion rate, compared to other conventional marketing methods.

Conventional marketing techniques that use posters or distribute brochures are no longer relevant, it's time to move to digital or online marketing, such as SMS marketing.

The use of SMS marketing and SMS blaster machines has proven to be able to bring more profit for companies. You can see how big companies rely on SMS marketing as one of their main marketing techniques.

Not only big companies, now you can find companies ranging from small to medium that also use this machine.

Use Hitech Terminal 70

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get more profit for your company, immediately use Hitech Terminal 70 as your marketing support machine.

You can get this machine at the best price and quality on our website. Not only that, you can also find various other SMS broadcaster machines such as Hitech Triple Enterprise and also Fourfold Enterprise.

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