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Frequently Asked Questions About IMEI Phone Serial Number

Updated: Jan 28

IMEI Phone Serial Number is a unique number that is owned by each cell phone. Usually, this IMEI consists of a unique 15-digit number that is used as the identity of your cell phone. All cell phones or electronic devices must have an IMEI number.

Can I Use IMEI to Find Serial Number?

You can find your IMEI phone serial number easily. There are several ways you can find it.

The first way is to look at the number listed on the silver sticker on the back of your cell phone. Usually this sticker will be located near the battery or behind the cellphone cover. The numbers listed on this silver sticker are your cell phone's IMEI number.

If the cover back of your cell phone can't be opened or you don't find the silver sticker, you can find a second method which is also very easy. All you have to do is open the "Settings'' menu on your cell phone.

IMEI Phone Serial Number
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In the Settings menu, you just need to look for the About Phone menu, usually this option is located in the general settings section. Later, in the About Phone menu you will find various information about your phone, including your IMEI phone serial number.

So, you no longer need to ask "How do I find my IMEI and serial number on my phone?". You can choose to use any method to find your IMEI number as well as your serial number.

Where is The IMEI Serial Number and How Do I Read My IMEI Serial Number?

As previously stated, the IMEI number can be found on the back of your cellphone. If you open the back cover of your cell phone, you will usually find the battery component, SIM slot, and also some stickers containing numbers or writing.

If you look at the stickers carefully, then you will surely find a colored sticker containing a unique 15-digit number. This serial number is your IMEI phone serial number.

To make it easier for you, you can record or remember your IMEI number. So when you need it, you no longer need to bother opening the back cover of your cellphone to see it.

Is Serial Number and IMEI The Same?

Serial number and IMEI number are 2 different numbers. Even though they are often equated and have different functions, these 2 numbers actually represent different identities from a cell phone.

IMEI number is a number used to identify communication tools such as cell phones or other communication devices. This unique serial number is used to identify a communication device on the network. IMEI number can even be used to track your cell phone.

On the other hand, the serial number is the number given by the manufacturer or your device company to identify all their products. This serial number is found on all types of devices, not only communication tools. Devices such as TVs, tablets, refrigerators, blenders, and also other electronic devices must have a serial number.

How Do I Look Up A Serial Number?

IMEI Phone Serial Number
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Unlike how to find the IMEI phone serial number, finding the special serial number given by the manufacturer for your device can be tricky, depending on the type of your device.

To find a serial number on a device such as a phone or tablet, you can do the same steps as the steps to see the IMEI number, namely through Settings.

However, for other electronic devices such as refrigerators, blenders, air conditioners, and others, you have to look at the sticker attached to the product. Usually, when you buy a product, there will be a sticker attached to the body of the product.

In addition, you also see directly the manual or packaging of the product. There, and after finding various information about the product you want to find the serial number for.

These were some of the answers regarding frequently asked questions regarding the IMEI phone serial number. With the various information above, you are certainly more educated about the IMEI number and also the serial number of your device.

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