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Hitech Terminal Mini, The Easiest Way to Earn

Rough competition in the industry is a normal thing that you need to always win. Hitech Terminal Mini will help you to get through it every day. Nowadays, what we require is the breakthrough strategies to earn more.

What is Hitech Terminal Mini?

Winning business competition will expand your company. It means your targets and goals will be bigger too. To make it real, you require tools that help you win it.

Hitech Terminal mini is a tool that lets you send bulk SMS in real time. HT Mini will work really fast and effectively. The active phone number of your customer will receive the messages.

How HT Mini works?

Users are like a crowd. They are everywhere around the world. To let them know about your products and services, you don’t have to literally be in their front door and knock it.

To make an intimate and consistent communication, HT Mini overcomes the problem instantly. It is also efficient if you take a look from the economy and environment side. The customers can get the promotion message without signing up for an account or downloading an app.

As an SMS blaster, HT mini lets you inform your customers about the discount or the urgent meeting. The customer won’t miss out on an interesting promotion from your brand. Basically in real time, your customers around the world will receive the same SMS from the company.

HT Mini will project the sender as the company name that sent the promotion. It is far more efficient compared to other marketing plans. The reason is that SMS is already in the user's phone and will always be checked by the users, so they will be tempted to know more about the information.

Database isn't needed while using HT Mini. It only uses BST (Base Station Technology) to manage the receiver list. So, it will be very effective.

hitech terminal mini

Why does it have to be an HT Mini?

HT mini has the coolest hardware and advanced software. The technology that works is best to support all its jobs. It will make your delivering messages process more efficient if the three above are combined.

You don’t have to pay anything more after you have the machine. It is like one payment at the start and free for the rest. You don’t need to do monthly payment of the billboards anymore.

Hitech Terminal also owns other types such as HT 225, HT 318, HT Auto, etc. There are actually a lot of variations that you can choose based on what you require. Now you can take a look of the Features of Hitech Terminal Mini

Hitech Terminal Mini’s Features

SMS Character: 318 Characters

Speed: Up to 20.000 SMS / hour*

Radius: up to 300 m - 2 km*

Multiple Access: YES

Wi-Fi Built-in: YES

100% Free: YES

Sender Number Unlocked: YES

Portable: YES

Car Support: YES

Unlimited Task: YES

Multiple Operator: YES

Multiple ARFCN: YES

SMS Receiver Memory: YES


AUTO Switch Operator: YES

Plug & Play: YES

IMSI Cacher: YES

Real Count: YES

Split Operator Report : YES

GPS Built-in : YES

Website & Apps Management : YES

Blacklist Features : YES

The features of HT Mini are covered by small packaging. It is like a backpack version of another type. HT Mini can support accesses and operators. It is basically really easy going tools that are simple and efficient.

It has plug and play features, which means you don’t need to set anything to send the messages. Furthermore, it will automatically be sent. This type also has GPS built-in that can track your machine's position.

HT Mini allows you to log in to website/mobile apps for multiple machines. You may see the sent report and can delete the task though the machine is off. Hitech Terminal Mini also has blacklist features that will let you send the SMS to all except the blacklist number you listed.

If you are a busy and always on the go person, HT Mini suits you perfectly. HT Mini is portable and has car support, so you will probably be doing the job on your way to the meeting. It makes your day easier.

Features that are served by this device will accelerate your brand’s earnings. These kinds of tools will save more on your company expenses. And as I mentioned before, HT is available on other types like Hitech Terminal 225, Hitech Terminal 318, and Hitech Terminal Auto. Choose what’s yours, now!

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