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Awesome 1 Experience of Artificial Intelligence Using Intelligent Device

The use of Artificial Intelligence with Intelligent Device in everyday life is increasingly being used without realizing it. The contribution of AI in life certainly makes human activities easier. Not only big companies, now AI is starting to record the number of technologies, such as mobile phones that have become the lifestyle of urban communities.

What are Some Examples of Intelligent Devices?

The presence of AI in Intelligent Device is now able to provide convenience for its users. What is the intelligence device and its names? AI that is equipped with Intelligent Device is a computer program designed to follow human actions. The following are some examples of the application of AI technology that will facilitate human activities.

Virtual reality (VR) that can make individuals interact in real life with imaginary objects resulting from computer simulations. Generally, this technology is used as an observation tool in almost all fields. In the games industry, VR is also often used.

VR technology coupled with Intelligent Device can later be personalized according to the needs of its users. An imaginary example of applying AI in VR technology can be seen in the film Iron Man. In the film, all film characters can live and interact with the data.

Intelligent Device Operating System

Which operating system is used in intelligent devices? One of the applications of AI technology that facilitates human activities can be seen from the Intelligent Device such as smart cars. Lately, the Indonesian automotive market is booming, namely smart cars produced by Tesla.

Intelligent Device
Pict from Pinterest

This car has been equipped with an AI technology chip as an Intelligent Device that can make this car run several sensors. Some routing devices examples make the sensors run a radar system for autopilot features.

One of the applications of AI technology with Intelligent Device in smartphones is characterized by a bokeh camera. Initially, bokeh could only be done using a professional camera.

However, the presence of AI technology on cell phones can improve the ability of cell phone lenses to take pictures, record, and detect photo objects. This makes people who like photography do not have to bother to bring a camera with non-intelligent devices when traveling.

Which network device is intelligent? Now, there are many websites or applications that use the help of chatbots. The ability of chatbots emerged because of AI.

Chatbot is one of the applications of AI technology that will facilitate human activities. The reason is, chatbots can help you to reply to messages 24 hours a day.

Form of Artificial Intelligence using Intelligent Device

The Intelligent Device will have the ability to carry out activities or work that humans normally do. The form of this activity is adjusted to the wishes of the maker himself. Then, AI technology also generally has one of the following four forms of intelligence:

1. Acting Humanely

The first form is to make a computer system to be able to do a job or activity as normally done by humans.

2. Thinking Humanely

The second form is to be able to make the system think like humans who will then determine the actions of the system. So it can be said that the system is made to do human thinking.

3. Think Rationally

The next form is to make a computer system to be able to think rationally so that it no longer thinks rigidly and shows that it has a machine.

4. Act Rationally

AI technology on computers or computer-based Intelligent Device is able to act rationally. Not only can imitate human work but can also be aware of problems and mistakes.

Intelligent Device
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Benefits of AI Using Intelligent Device

In some companies, issues related to performance are an important aspect to increase company productivity. To achieve the desired performance, one way that you can do it is using technology.

The first benefit of artificial intelligence technology is that it helps to minimize errors. The next benefit is to help save energy, regardless of the type and form of energy.

For example, the use of an automatic system to turn off the lights in an office building. If the system knows that there is no activity in the room, the lights will automatically turn off.

This smart technology using Intelligent Device also helps save human resources, because everything is managed by the system on a particular computer or device. Router is an awesome system equipped with AI that helps the company to reduce the need for human resources.

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