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SMS Broadcast is The First Important Solution for Marketing Strategy

The current situation requires many companies to be more selective in allocating their budgets. Under these conditions, the internet and other digital media become alternative media that tend to be cheaper in the pricing of marketing activities. SMS Broadcast is one of the alternatives that is currently becoming popular with a number of companies in marketing their products.

What is a Broadcast Text Message?

SMS broadcast is often heard or seen in the mass media or cellular technology literature, but there are still many people who don't know about it. SMS broadcast is one of the innovations of mobile technology. Many companies use that innovation to send messages to consumers or clients.

This is in line with the number of cellular users in Indonesia which reaches more than 150 million people, so there is a great opportunity to utilize cellular technology as a medium for delivering promotions.

SMS Broadcast is considered quite effective in promoting the products or services offered by the company. SMS Broadcast shows that consumer attitudes and perceptions have an overall effect on the effectiveness of promotions through SMS Broadcast.