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SMS Broadcast is The First Important Solution for Marketing Strategy

The current situation requires many companies to be more selective in allocating their budgets. Under these conditions, the internet and other digital media become alternative media that tend to be cheaper in the pricing of marketing activities. SMS Broadcast is one of the alternatives that is currently becoming popular with a number of companies in marketing their products.

What is a Broadcast Text Message?

SMS broadcast is often heard or seen in the mass media or cellular technology literature, but there are still many people who don't know about it. SMS broadcast is one of the innovations of mobile technology. Many companies use that innovation to send messages to consumers or clients.

This is in line with the number of cellular users in Indonesia which reaches more than 150 million people, so there is a great opportunity to utilize cellular technology as a medium for delivering promotions.

SMS Broadcast is considered quite effective in promoting the products or services offered by the company. SMS Broadcast shows that consumer attitudes and perceptions have an overall effect on the effectiveness of promotions through SMS Broadcast.

SMS broadcast
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How Do I Send a Broadcast Message Via SMS?

In our daily life today, mobile technology is increasingly sophisticated, as well as various types of mobile phones are used, SMS broadcast is one effective way to inform significant news to every consumer. The way to send a free broadcast message is very simple, you just need an API of SMS gateway or the application of SMS broadcast.

After you get the SMS gateway, you can do an SMS broadcast. You have to log in with your account then input SMS information to be delivered then determine the mobile phone numbers be addressed and then send it.

Besides that, you can also send an SMS broadcast through the service of Telkomsel provider, the price of this service is affordable.

How Can I Send Bulk SMS From My Smartphone?

If you want to send bulk SMS via mobile phone, you can use the Bulk SMS application for Android. This application has the same way of working with the Bulk SMS software on a PC/Laptop. It is suitable for those of you who want to carry out activities via mobile phones that are sent to many recipients at the same time.

With the presence of the bulk SMS software on Android, this offers various conveniences for those of you who like mobile phones, because bulk SMS can be run anywhere and anytime as you like. The price is also affordable, you can save the promotion budget of SMS broadcast in your company.

The benefits of bulk SMS are easy to use, can be sent anytime and anywhere, can be used on all GSM providers in Indonesia, is efficient, effective, and affordable cost. By using bulk SMS, you can press your advertising budget for SMS broadcast.

By using the bulk SMS service, you can also send SMS with different message content to each recipient by mentioning the recipient's name so that it feels more personal, not messages that are classified as spam or trash.

SMS broadcast
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What is The Best SMS Service?

Rapid technological developments make provider companies provide services for various SMS packages with fast and cheap internet products to attract customers.

The best SMS service is the one that suits the customer's needs. A good provider also provides SMS broadcast packages that suit the costs and needs of the customers.

Promotional media using SMS service can be done in minutes and received by customers in seconds. The time for sending one SMS is only 4 seconds, the message or text that is delivered is easy to put together in short, interesting and to the point words on the products or services offered.

Your company will get many advantages by using an SMS broadcast. SMS broadcasts can spread messages to hundreds of client numbers automatically and quickly.

Which is directly connected to a database of mobile phone numbers without having to type hundreds of numbers and messages on mobile because all numbers will be taken automatically from the database, so it saves a lot of time. This is one benefit of using SMS broadcast for your marketing strategy.

By using the SMS broadcast service does not mean you have the right to send all kinds of promotions every day. There must be a strategy so that customers do not feel uncomfortable with the messages they receive. Every message sent must be useful and relevant to the recipient.

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