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Use of SMS Emergency System to Save Employees In the event of an Earthquake

In various regions around the globe, there exists a threat of earthquake at almost all the time. In the last couple of months alone, the world has witnessed several earthquakes of magnitude over 5.5 in such parts of the world as Indonesia, Turkey, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand, to name a few. While there are also some cities/states like South California where earthquakes are recorded several hundred times a year, ranging from smaller earthquakes that cannot even be felt to larger ones that pose terrible and devastating effects, often producing aftershocks as well.

If you are located in an area where there is an ever-present threat to safety due to earthquakes, your business and staff members, clearly, could be prone to the dangers of a quake – therefore, it becomes vital to have all the necessary measures and plans in place in order to deal with earthquakes.

Since earthquakes occur so suddenly, it means people have to react swiftly and it becomes essential for them to also know which step they should take to make sure their safety throughout that distressing situation.

When setting up an emergency action plan, you would acknowledge the importance of an earthquake early warning system as well as an emergency alert system like an emergency alarm or an SMS emergency communication system like SMS Broadcast Machine which provides a solution to your crises communication needs with the latest technology. The best strategy is to integrate all these methods, including the early warning system, SMS Broadcaster, and warning sirens.

However, the best thing about SMS Broadcast Machine ( is that it can spread emergency SMS alert reaching to as many numbers of employees as you have in just a matter of seconds. These text messages, which contain an emergency alert, would be received by all employees instantly and easily.

When you have invested in such type of SMS emergency communication system, communicating with your staff members and employees becomes simple and immediate, certainly. But there are certain ways you can take full advantage of an emergency communication tool. Let’s discuss them briefly!

  • As part of your emergency preparedness training – Conducting earthquake training drills trains your employees on what steps to take during the case of an earthquake so as to keep themselves safe during and after the quake. To prepare your employees for the real thing, you can run a mock emergency scenario where you can use the emergency SMS communication system as part of the drill to send text messages to your staff members advising the occurrence of a quake along with the instructions to follow to help stay safe.

  • Send reminders regarding what to do in the event of an earthquake – The truth is you don’t actually know when an earthquake might happen – for that reason, it can be very nice thing if you utilize your emergency SMS communication system to send out regular reminders to the staff informing and reminding them how to react quickly and accordingly to stay safe when a sudden earthquake takes place. You can give them clear instructions about the safe places and evacuation routes in your organization’s environment through alert notifications. Be proactive by creating these pre-defined messages and alerts well in advance.

  • Instantly send a pre-defined alert during an earthquake – In the event of an earthquake, what needed most is the real-time communication which can be provided by an advanced SMS emergency communication system like SMS Broadcast Machine, as discussed above. With just a single click, it can do a Bulk SMS Blast to let the time-sensitive information float to all your employees in a couple of seconds.

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