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VHF Direction Finder, a Very Beneficial Tool That You Should Know About

VHF direction finder is a tool that has many functions for human life. As the name implies, this tool has the main function of showing direction by detecting the direction signal sent by the source via radio. In this discussion there will be some important information that you can see about this one tool.

What is a VHF Direction Finder?

VHF direction finder is a type of radio direction finder that is used to detect radio signals that are around the device or sent to the device. The only difference is the type of radio signal that will be captured by this one tool.

In this world there are many types of radio that are scattered. Each type of signal has its own use and specialization. For example, you can see that there is an FM signal that is used for entertainment purposes because it can transmit sound better and clearer.

As the name implies, the VHF direction finder is a tool used to detect VHF radio signals. VHF radio signal stands for very high frequency. So it can be concluded that this tool can only capture radio signals that have a very high frequency.

VHF Direction Finder