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VHF Direction Finder, a Very Beneficial Tool That You Should Know About

VHF direction finder is a tool that has many functions for human life. As the name implies, this tool has the main function of showing direction by detecting the direction signal sent by the source via radio. In this discussion there will be some important information that you can see about this one tool.

What is a VHF Direction Finder?

VHF direction finder is a type of radio direction finder that is used to detect radio signals that are around the device or sent to the device. The only difference is the type of radio signal that will be captured by this one tool.

In this world there are many types of radio that are scattered. Each type of signal has its own use and specialization. For example, you can see that there is an FM signal that is used for entertainment purposes because it can transmit sound better and clearer.

As the name implies, the VHF direction finder is a tool used to detect VHF radio signals. VHF radio signal stands for very high frequency. So it can be concluded that this tool can only capture radio signals that have a very high frequency.

VHF Direction Finder
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What is VHF Signal?

Based on the level of frequency, a radio signal can be categorized into 12 different levels depending on how high or how low the frequency of the radio signal is.

The radio signal of the VHF type ranks 8th in the radio signal level if sorted from the lowest frequency. A radio signal will be said to be a very high frequency signal if it is in the range of 30 to 300 MHz.

In general, radio signals of the VHF type are widely used in human daily life. FM radio signals, handheld radio signals, television broadcasts, and many other forms of examples that you can observe or feel directly.

How Does a VHF Direction Finding Work?

The way the VHF direction finder works is actually very simple like other signal detectors. This tool has an antenna as well as a special detection radar that is sensitive to radio signals or other signals emitted from a signal source.

If this detector has caught or detected a signal around them, then this tool will try to find out where the signal is coming from. Later this VHF direction finder will display a map or point where the source of the signal transmitter is detected.

In this way, the owner of this direction finder tool can see accurately where the direction of the signal that is sent to the device is coming from or just what signals are around the tool.

VHF Direction Finder
Pict from Unsplash

How to Use VHF Direction Finder?

If you are not familiar with this tool, you may feel overwhelmed by the many buttons or other confusing things in this tool. But actually how to use this tool is very simple and also very easy to do.

The following is a brief discussion of the steps that must be taken to use this one direction finder tool.

  • Turn on the on switch. This tool certainly has an on switch that is very visible and easy to spot.

  • After the engine starts, wait a while until the tool can adjust to the mains voltage which is the energy source of this tool.

  • When the device is stable, adjust the specifications of the tool until the screen displays a signal which is usually represented as a point on the map. However, there are also many VHF direction finder that only point the needle in the direction the signal is coming from. Try to finding techniques to tune this tool properly so that it can work well.

Now you can get a VHF signal detector very easily wherever you are. There are already a lot of electronics stores that provide this tool for sale. But if you can't find this tool in an electronics store around you, you can also look for it in online stores which usually offer more categories and options for you to choose from.

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