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What is Ecommerce and Its Mechanism?

Knowing what is ecommerce might be the most basic knowledge for a marketer in the modern age. Without a clear knowledge about this, a marketer will not be able to conduct their marketing activities in a strategic manner. Learning the types and mechanisms is pivotal.

What is E-commerce Simple Definition?

To simplify, e-commerce can be defined as a transaction (buying and selling items) that happens on the internet. Electronic devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets aid the transaction process. E-commerce shops operate just like a physical store.

To understand what is ecommerce, you need to know that there are several important components in the e-commerce activity. These components determine the business’s operations and success:

● Product supply

● A good warehouse system

● Shipping operation and policy

● Relationship management between seller-customer

● Product catalog on website or social media account