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The Importance of SEO Planning for Marketing

SEO planning is a selection of strategies and also planning ideas to achieve the SEO goals you want to achieve until you reach a condition where there is a significant increase in traffic on your website. This planning is widely used by businesses to maximize traffic and also the engagement rate of their website visitors.

How do I Develop a SEO Plan?

Before making an SEO plan, you must first understand how this plan is made and what are its benefits. This planning is made to maximize traffic to your website through SEO which is done using strategies.

To implement a strategy to maximize the performance of the SEO techniques you use in a business, you don't need to be an expert first. All strategies and also ways to maximize SEO can be done by anyone as long as they have the intention to understand SEO well.

Here are some ways you can do to make a strategic and effective SEO planning for your business:

SEO Planning
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1. Evaluate Your Current SEO Technique

If you have previously used an SEO strategy before, analyze it first whether this SEO strategy has given the results you want or not. Indeed, there is no technique for using SEO that is perfect and can achieve a lot of traffic in an instant.

But with the right strategy and SEO planning, of course you can immediately feel an increase in traffic even though it is not directly significant.

If the SEO techniques that you have previously used still do not give the final results you want, then maybe you should improve the techniques you are using or assess what mistakes you made in your previous SEO strategy.

2. Choose The Right Keyword and Put it in The Right Place

Most people still don't know how to become SEO friendly keywords. In fact, these keywords are one of the indicators of whether an article or content can be said to be SEO friendly or not.

In addition to the selection of keywords, the placement of these keywords is also very influential. Keywords should be spread evenly across all parts of the content. To ensure this, you can also use various helpful tools to see if your content is SEO friendly or not.

Not only that, even now there are many SEO content templates that can be your reference. You can copy this content SEO template to make effective SEO planning.

3. Plan When to Post Your Content

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of planning. To invite more traffic to your content, then you have to upload the content at hours of busy traffic as well.

Because if you upload it at low hours, then the number of people who see your content will not be maximized and later your content can be eroded with other content during traffic hours.

Each platform or country has its own traffic hours, so you really need to know the traffic hours for the customer you want to reach.

What Should be in a SEO Plan?

Actually, to make a good SEO plan, it doesn't require complicated and grandiose things. What's important is that you know the goals of your SEO strategy, who you are targeting, and finally the selection of keywords and the placement of these keywords in the content properly.

With these three things alone, you can create an SEO plan that works effectively. Later, when you develop a strategy for these three things, you can add various additional information to make your SEO planning more solid.

SEO Planning
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What is SEO and How Does it Work?

There are still many people who wonder "What does SEO stand for?". In fact, many people may still not be aware of what SEO is and how SEO works.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means the strategies used to ensure that your content appears in the top rankings on search engines by creating content that appeals to search engines.

There are several standards that can be used to determine whether a content is SEO friendly or not, one of which is the use of keywords in the content. If the content is SEO friendly, then when someone searches for keywords related to the content, that content can appear at the top of the results.

With good SEO planning, you can create lots of SEO friendly content that generates the engagement and traffic you want. This planning technique is also usually used as one of the marketing strategies for business.

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