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5G IMSI catcher Mobile Network Security

Recently 5G has become one of the topics of conversation in the technology world. Many security features are offered by 5G providers. Reportedly it will be better than the 4g network. Several security features on 5G networks such as security for digital data privacy, security with 5G IMSI catcher capture encryption, and device-specific updates.

IMSI Catcher Technology

What is IMSI catcher technology? IMSI catcher is part of the development of digital technology that can be used to track mobile phones under certain circumstances. 5G IMSI catcher can access your details without your knowledge.

IMSI Catchers can be used by someone to track your phone's incoming and outgoing activities without your knowing it. IMSI catchers are actually not approved by various groups.

The IMSI catcher can be a cell phone jammer, and it does so by acting like a cell phone tower. This device then spoofs your phone and makes it connect to itself like a normal network making it easy to access your details without your consent or knowledge.

Does 5G use IMSI? Yes, of course. Every 5G phone has an IMSI and IMEI in SIM card. SIM card, a small chip that stores cell phone information for you that contains a unique phone user identifier called the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI).

IMSI consists of your country code, wireless provider code, and phone number. IMSI is the key to authenticate your device while operating on the network. There is an important key on your SIM card which is used by the 5G Network to encrypt the IMSI for security before going to the network.