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Does Android IMSI Catcher Detector Work?

Updated: Aug 29

Many people are very afraid that their personal data will be stolen by irresponsible people. And this fear is actually very rational because in today's era there are many technologies that can make your data fall to irresponsible people, including the IMSI catcher machine. To counteract this, we can use the Android IMSI catcher detector.

This IMSI machine can not only tell our IMSI number to other people, but can also indirectly give that person access to intercept our calls and text messages. By using the Android IMSI catcher detector, you can detect whether there is an IMSI catcher machine around your Android phone. See more information in this discussion.

What is IMSI Catcher Detector?

android imsi catcher detector

As mentioned earlier, the IMSI catcher detector is a machine that can detect the presence of an IMSI machine around your phone. As the name implies, this means that Android IMSI catcher detector is a type of detector that is devoted to detecting IMSI catchers that can intercept data from your Android phone.

You can find more detector machines to detect catchers that can intercept android phones. The reason is that Android phones are much more risky for their data to be intercepted because they have an open software system, unlike iOS which is quite closed. But that does not rule out the possibility that iOS techs can also be hit by an interceptor.

Therefore, you must protect your phone with a catcher detector or interceptor detector so that you can anticipate not making phone calls or sending text messages if a catcher device is detected around you.

Not only for detecting, there are actually a lot of detectors that can also have a built-in blocker feature, so this tool can also help you block interceptions from catcher devices.

Is IMSI Catcher Illegal?

If IMSI catcher can capture various personal data of people, then is this machine actually illegal? Unfortunately, this tool is actually a legal tool and is widely used for advertising purposes, especially for SMS marketing needs. However, this tool is only legal to use for marketing needs.

If someone uses this tool for personal needs that prohibits other individuals or large groups of people, then that person can be sentenced to punishment in accordance with the applicable penalties in each country.

How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

Like other technological tools, the actual price of the IMSI catcher itself varies greatly, depending on the specifications and features available on the tool. Of course, the more sophisticated the features offered, the higher the price.

You can get this IMSI catcher from $2,000 to more than $10,000 dollars. If you want to use this machine for your business needs, then it is highly recommended to buy an IMSI catcher machine which is specifically for commercial use and has complete features so that your marketing needs can be met properly.

Various websites and platforms can offer different prices. We also provide various IMSI catchers as well as SMS catchers and broadcasters on our website at the best prices, and of course the best quality.

Does Cell Spy Catcher Work?

Cell Spy Catcher is a tool that can help you to defend your device from attacks by IMSI catchers and other interceptor tools.

The performance of this tool is actually still questionable whether it is really accurate to be able to fully defend your device or not. However, the cell spy catcher can really help your device to detect the catcher, so you can anticipate it.

There are lots of applications that claim to be defenders, blockers, or detectors for IMSI catchers that you can download for free on the internet. But unfortunately, some of these Android IMSI catcher detector applications actually don't work properly, in fact there are many that don't work at all. So you have to choose which defender or blocker you can trust.

What is The Range of an IMSI Catcher?

The IMSI catcher can be used to detect the IMSI number of a cell phone or electronic device in the vicinity.

For the range of distances that can be detected by this tool, it actually varies greatly depending on the specifications. There are tools that can detect only a few hundred meters, and there are tools that can detect up to kilometers of radius away.

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