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IMSI Catcher App That You Can Download On Your Phone

The IMSI catcher app is an application that can be used to detect whether your cell phone is connected to the connection from the IMSI catcher. These applications are very important to prevent you from cyber attacks that can leak your personal data. Check out the explanation below to find out more information.

How Dangerous IMSI Catchers Are?

Some of you may not be familiar with a tool called IMSI catcher. In fact, IMSI catcher is a tool that can collect a variety of your personal data with just a connection beam from the tool.

This tool will emit a connection that will be captured and connected automatically with cell phones that are in the vicinity. If it is connected, it means that the data from the cell phone can be extracted and collected. The following list are some of the dangers of the IMSI catcher:

1. Can Collect Your Phone Number and Other Private Number

For most people, the telephone number is a very personal number and should not be shared with just anyone. Especially now that there are many forms of crime that can be committed with only a telephone number.

In addition to phone numbers, this tool can also collect IMEI and IMSI numbers from your cell phone to be used for the benefit of a group. Usually they will use these numbers for their marketing tools.

IMSI Catcher App
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2. Can Intercept Your Phone Call and Text Messages

This is one of the most tedious things an IMSI catcher can do, so you need to use a blocker software like the IMSI catcher app.

With the IMSI catcher tool, the person who owns the tool can find out the contents of the messages you send or the contents of the phone conversations you have.

This can happen because the message signal sent by your cell phone when you make a phone call or text message can be read by the IMSI catcher. This tool relies on the connection between the catcher and your phone.

IMSI Catcher App Recommendation

Since you already know what the dangers of an IMSI catcher are, of course you want to prevent that with an IMSI catcher app, right? Fortunately, now there are lots of IMSI tracker online that you can download or access easily.

You can access the IMSI catcher online detector through all types of cellphones, both iPhone and Android. The following are some recommendations for IMSI catcher app that are popular and recommended to prevent you from IMSI catcher attacks:

IMSI Catcher App
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1. AIMSICD apk

Android IMSI Catcher Detector or commonly known as AIMSICD is the most famous IMSI catcher app and also the most widely used by many people in the world. As the name suggests, this application is an IMSI detector that is specifically for Android users.

With this application, you can detect catcher networks in your surroundings or other hidden networks. This application also automatically helps you to avoid connecting your phone with a connection that may be dangerous.

2. SecurCube

Just like other IMSI detectors, this tool will observe the connection around your phone and also detect if there are any suspicious connection sources around you such as the IMSI catcher. SecurCube itself is used to detect IMSI catcher networks on LTE networks.

If SecurCube has detected a suspicious or even malicious connection source, this application will immediately send an alert to the phone owner through their application or software.

3. SnoopSnitch

The next IMSI catcher app that is also the most popular and also the most used by many people is SnoopSnitch. This application is a very sophisticated application.

Not only detecting suspicious connections around you, but this tool can also help you to increase security on your cell phone directly.

With this one application, you can see what is lacking in securing your phone connection. If there is security software that is not installed on your phone, this application will automatically help you install the software.

Therefore, the current IMSI detector application is one of the most recommended applications if you want to increase your security in accessing your connection.

You have to be aware of cyber attacks that are scattered everywhere. In this modern age, there are more and more threats that are present due to connection attacks. You can protect your phone from this attack by using the IMSI catcher app which really works and is also reliable.

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