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IMSI Catcher App That You Can Download On Your Phone

The IMSI catcher app is an application that can be used to detect whether your cell phone is connected to the connection from the IMSI catcher. These applications are very important to prevent you from cyber attacks that can leak your personal data. Check out the explanation below to find out more information.

How Dangerous IMSI Catchers Are?

Some of you may not be familiar with a tool called IMSI catcher. In fact, IMSI catcher is a tool that can collect a variety of your personal data with just a connection beam from the tool.

This tool will emit a connection that will be captured and connected automatically with cell phones that are in the vicinity. If it is connected, it means that the data from the cell phone can be extracted and collected. The following list are some of the dangers of the IMSI catcher:

1. Can Collect Your Phone Number and Other Private Number

For most people, the telephone number is a very personal number and should not be shared with just anyone. Especially now that there are many forms of crime that can be committed with only a telephone number.