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Get to Know, Hitech Terminal Server Mini

Business owner who wants the best needs to win every business battle or business competition. Now take a step forward to know deeper about Hitech Terminal Server Mini. Because this may and will be the answer.

What is Hitech Terminal Server Mini?

HT Server mini is such a tool and helps to send a lot of messages. If you sent a lot of messages it means you could probably reach more money. It automatically will make your target and your business bigger.

Hitech Terminal Server Mini can work fast and efficiently for you. In real time, the device can send a lot of messages. A lot here means more than 20.000 messages per hour.

How HT Server Mini works?

Imagine if at the same time, you can send a promotion using text messages. Count how many possibilities that your customer will be tempted to visit your online store like right now and order one product or one service. If you have enough data in your database, it probably will earn 200%.

HT Server Mini will make people know that your company has many promotions that may be beneficial for them. It kind of brings the flashlight when the electricity goes down. Interesting, isn’t it?

If your company is big, your customers will be on every side of earth. But if you have a smaller one, you still probably have customers around the country. The point is, you can’t appear in every front door, knock it, and offer something at the same time.

Then here is it, Hitech Terminal Server Mini ready to help you. By using this device, you are doing the same thing as knocking the customer’s doors but using SMS. It is cheaper and more effective.

This device lets you have a communication line that is very intimate, which is SMS. SMS is installed in every phone with no need to download anything. So it is basically the same way to make intimate and direct connections between the brand and their customers.

HT Server mini will send the messages in the name of your company. It will look trustworthy. And it is hard to change into fraud.

Hitech Terminal Server Mini

Why should I choose Hitech Terminal Server Mini?

Do you want cool and fascinating designs of hardware? Or installed software that is already in the top performance? Or maybe the system and technology that is the latest and the best?

I know you want it on your device. The purchase will be worth it if the three functions up there work in the device. It will be a great once in a lifetime payment.

If you have this device, you don’t need to do more work every time you send the messages. It is cheaper than the ordinary marketing plan. Unlike the billboard, you also don’t need a monthly payment for using this device.

And if you want another type of Hitech Product, you need to know that there is HT 225, HT Server Pro and many more. Other types have different specifications. So you need to know what your requirements are for the company.

Features of Hitech Terminal Server Mini

SMS Character: 318 Characters

Speed: Up to 20.000 SMS / hour*

Radius: up to 300m - 2km*

Multiple Access: Yes

Wifi Built-in: Yes

100% Free: Yes

Sender Number Unlocked: Yes

Portable: Yes

Car Support: Yes

Unlimited Task: Yes

Multiple Operator: Yes

Multiple ARFCN: Yes

SMS Receiver Memory: Yes


AUTO Switch Operator: Yes

Plug & Play: Yes

IMSI Catcher: Yes

Real Count: Yes

Split Operator Report : Yes

GPS Built-in : Yes

Website & Apps Management : Yes

Blacklist Features : Yes

This product literally has a very small size. HT Server Mini is a kind of backpack version from others. The size is basically only half of the other type.

Because of the size, you can bring and use it anywhere, anytime you want or need to. The support that is given by this device can make you do your job faster. The features are already talked about, so you can see the benefit by having HT Server Mini.

Every type of HT product such as HT Server Pro and HT Auto also brings the best features. You only need to figure out what your company requirements for marketing tools and plan. And the next step is to bring the Hitech Terminal product home.

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