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Hitech Terminal Server Pro, Best for Professional Needs

Be a winner in a business competition is a must. Hitech Terminal Server Pro will show you how professionals work in the marketing field. HT Server Pro is an innovative plan to build your legacy.

What is HT Server Pro?

Hitech Terminal Server Pro is a tool that allows you to send a huge number of SMS. It also allows you to expand whatever your target is. You probably will reach the best if you are using this device as an SMS broadcaster.

HT Server Pro is a fast and efficient tool. This device can send a huge number of messages in real time. The customers around the world may read the SMS at the same time, so can you imagine how many people will know about your company’s promotion.

How does Hitech Terminal Server Pro work?

Imagine you bring the light in the crowd of darkness. You will be the spotlight, so will you if you use HT Server Pro. It is basically to let your people know that your company is more than existing, but also interesting.

Your customers are probably located around the world. You can’t be there every week to announce the latest update. HT Server Pro is here to help you.

As an SMS broadcast machine, it lets you inform your customer about your company updates. Everyone who has subscribed or is your loyal customer will always know when to buy or use your products and services. Your people will get the information with no need to log in or download into something.

This device will let you send information in the name of your company. It will be more trusted because your company name will show up as the sender. So you can reach more income at the same time.

SMS is considered the best platform. It happens because SMS or text message is a default messaging system in the phone. So customers don't need to do anything but accept the agreement of receiving the promotion.

Why do I need to choose Hitech Terminal Server Pro?

Who in the world doesn't want cool hardware for their device? Or the latest technologies that are installed on it? I think everyone wants it.

Cool design and multifunction hardware is one of the things that people consider when purchasing something. If it doesn’t look good when you carry it and the function isn’t optimal, it is such a waste to buy. So is technology and software.

If the hardware, software, and the technology is combined in one device, it can really be the coolest SMS machine ever. It also will be the best help for your marketing. And when your marketing plans work, you will earn more.

Besides Hitech Terminal Server Pro, HT also supports other types like HT 225, HT Mini, and HT Auto. Every type contains different needs. You can choose one for the best marketing plan of your company.

Every time you purchase HT units, you will save more expenses. You only require one payment and no more money for billboards. This will help your outcome, right?

Hitech Terminal Server Pro

Hitech Terminal Server Pro Features

SMS Character: 318 Characters

Speed: Up to 20,000 SMS / hour*

Radius: up to 300 m - 2 km*

Multiple Access: YES

Wi-Fi Built-in: YES

100% Free: YES

Sender Number Unlocked: YES

Portable: YES

Car Support: YES

Unlimited Task: YES

Multiple Operator: YES

Multiple ARFCN: YES

SMS Receiver Memory: YES


AUTO Switch Operator: YES

Plug & Play: YES

IMSI Cacher: YES

Real Count: YES

Split Operator Report : YES

GPS Built-in : YES

Hitech Apps Management : YES

Blacklist Features : YES

The features of this device will make your professional needs covered. It is like a more pro version of Hitech Terminal types. If you are the person who wants the best choice for company needs, then this device will help you.

This device is supporting you to do your job everywhere because of its portability. It also has a lot of features that will help your job of sending massive text done fast. It will make your job easier.

Hitech Terminal is always served based on what you require. Every type like HT Mini and HT Auto has the best thing you might need too. So I suggest you take what you really need.

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